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What are the HRM implications of globalization, technology, and e-commerce

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-Globalization is the creation of global markets
-technology in Human Resource Management is an organizations HR information system (HRIS). this technology to reduces cost in what used to be very laborintensive task
-Ecommerce creates an online marketplace which takes business out of stores and into the world of internet technology
*Google helped provide $22,900,000,000 of economic activity for California businesses, website publishers and nonprofits in 2012.
Over 17,000 people are employed by Google in CA alone. $44.2 millionof free advertising was provided to 909 California nonprofits through the Google Grants program Google has a recruiting ratio of (14:1) 1 recruiter for every 14 potential employees. Typical ratio is (100:1). They spend an enormous amount of funds on their recruiting efforts. Google's investment to find top talent is crucial, as each employee typically generates $200,000 in revenues for the company.*
(The Human Resource Management implications of globalization include global trade making it possible to connect companies, industries, and workers across borders. It means that there are resources of cheap labor from other countries, creating global labor markets)

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