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Read chapter 17 before you begin to do this assignment. You are to include every step, in chronological order that you anticipate doing in your study. Begin with identifying the scholarly data sources that you plan to use (EBSCO, Psyc Info, etc.) (You must use at least 3 different ones. Next identify the key words you will use. Next identify the number of abstracts you expect to review, the number you think you will eliminate and the number you think will keep with an explanation for each decision. (You must review at least 3 abstracts). Next, identify the number of full articles you think you will read, the number you think you will eliminate and the number you think you will keep with an explanation for each decision. (You must review at least 10 full articles and include no less than 4 and no more than 6 full articles in your final research report next semester). Next, explain how you plan to analyze each article (for example Coding in Content Analysis: manifest and latent content coding) and the counting and record keeping you plan to use. Next, explain how you plan to report your results or findings. Finally, state how you plan to handle your discussion section in which you are expected to critically analyze your findings, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your study’s methodology, and provide implications for social work practice, policy and future research.

Pages-4 to 6; and 4 to 6 sources must be cited in the text and placed in the references.

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Research Methodology
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The research methodology refers to the fundamental techniques and research systems utilized
in the field and the examination of favorable circumstances and impediments (Al-Riyami, 2008).
In addition, the researcher should be very much educated with related ideas and hypotheses in
the field to inquire about theories or possibly ought to be conceivable to perceive how past
scientists' methodological decisions influence the examination discoveries. The creator ought to
legitimize possess methodological decisions and maybe even recommend and legitimize new
research techniques. The research paper contains data obtained from secondary sources. In this
chapter we will discuss in depth the following components of our systematic review (Al-Riyami,

Data extraction

Data analysis

Quality assessment.

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

Study selection

Inclusion and exclusion
All systematic analysis of the literature published between 2000 to 2018 using search
terms such as poverty and crime used google as my search tool.
Considering that the number of articles focused on our question was limited, I found a total of 16
related articles; I selected 3 articles that were relevant to my research topic. All the articles were
in English.
I excluded s...

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