​"Group Influence" Please respond to the following:

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"Group Influence" Please respond to the following:

  • Describe a situation in which the actions of a larger group influenced your own actions. Discuss how the actions you took may have been different if you were not in a group situation.

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While hanging out with my buddies during a cookout, I noticed all of them having fun while they were drinking and playing cards. I never really drank alcohol, never had the taste for it. While watching them have so much fun and I was bored out of my mind I determined I would begin drinking but that I would only have a couple beers. Let's just say that beer doesn't go good with me, everything that didn't get on my nerve before hand did after drinking. This one guy was picking a fight with me so I gave in and didn't think nothing about it. If  were not drinking that night, and I would not have let the peer pressure of my friends drinking allow myself to do so, I would have never ended up in a fight nor spent the night in jail. If I were not in a group situation, beer or alcohol would have never crossed my mind. Therefore, I would have probably staying at home and never gotten in trouble.

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