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How can you reduce radon levels in your house?

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Most radon-reduction remedies require the skilled services of a professional contractor who has experience, has completed the U.S. EPA’s “radon contractor proficiency” course, and has passed a comprehensive exam in radon mitigation. The following procedures have been tested successfully on homes with high indoor radon levels.

Sub-slab suction draws out radon, which accumulates under the concrete slab, and vents it away from the house.

Sub-slab suction is most effective with foundations built on good aggregate or highly permeable soil. Pumps can be inside the house...

or outside the house. However, in some cases it may be difficult to create enough suction to prevent radon from penetrating hollow-block basement walls.

Some homeowners drain water away from the foundation of their house by perforated pipes called footing tiles. If these drain tiles form a continuous loop around the house and drain into a sump, you can apply suction to the sump. Drain-tile suction pulls radon from the surrounding soil and vents it away from the house.

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