Help with geometry homeowork, only if you can show all work!!

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I have a homework assignment I need help on. If you can please show all work step by step so I can get the problem thank you. you can show work on separate piece of paper and upload. I have actual link to test or you can just do work by looking at the pictures.

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к 3. Find a. E A А C 110° B -H D M a 161° T 4. Find b. 108° 1. In circle C, identify the following: a) AB b) ZDCA c) AFB b 2. In circle P, what is the measure of x? 74° 5. The figure below shows a circle. mZSRT = 58° and mZRST = 40° What is the m RS? х OP R 56° 589 T 40° S 1 13. Sarah needs to plant grass seed in her backyard. Briefly describe how to calculate the amount of grass seed required. 15. A triangle has side lengths 7cm, 8cm, and 9cm. Find the area of the triangle. Patio Pool Flowers Sand Box Extra Credit: 10 points (no partial points) 14. Find the approximate area of the pentagon. Triangles A and B are similar. Triangle A has a hypotenuse of 13 cm and an area of 30 cm?. Triangle B has an area of 180 cm², to the nearest foot, find the hypotenuse of triangle B. 8 5 3 6. Circle Q has a radius of 17 cm. If chord XP = 30 cm, find the length of QT. 9. Find the missing length indicated by a '?'. P 6 7 ? х 24 10. Circle O has a radius of 4 inches. If the = 120 degrees. To the nearest inch, find the circumference of the circle. т AB 1200 7. Given mZNEG = 52°, rays TA and TL are tangents, and segments SG and NL are diameters, find mSL. B 11. Given secants TO and TE, find me. E/52* 5 R 50 0 38* T 8. Chords AB and CD intersect at R. Using the values shown in the diabram, what is the measure of RB? A D 12. What is the area and perimeter of the figure below? A 2 4 R 5 C 16 in B 10 in 13 in 2
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Geometry Homework
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Geometry Homework

a) Diameter
b) Minor Sector
c) Right angle
- An angle inscribed in a semicircle is a right angle. (Thales Theorem.)
a) Angle formed by two chords = ½ (Sum of intercepted arcs)
x = ½ (74 + 56) = 65
x = 65o

= ½ (m∠ABC)
= ½ (161)
= 80.5o
The opposite angles in a cyclic qu...

Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.


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