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this is my homework CSS)

you can find all the information and the details in the file the.

the page should look like the third picture but with links and picturea

thank you so much

I appreciate your help

after you choose to help me I will give you the other details.

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Class Activity HTML 5- Case Study II In your last case study, you created an index.html that contained syllabus and the course project requirements. Your instructor now wants you to create a syllabus web page that includes an image. You will cite the source of the image on a separate bibliography web page. Finally, you will provide links on each page for easy navigation to other pages. NOTE 1. Refer to HTML Case Study 2 document on GRTEP under lesson files. 2. Upload the 3 files and the image to your mason server webpage using the file transfer clients 3. Submit the URL of your webpage on Blackboard (ex: mason.gmu.edu/~username) 26 Homework • Create a webpage to cite the images used in your webpages (syllabus.html and index.html) Use APA format to cite the sources. Name your file as bibio.html • Submission : Upload your file on to Mason server using FileZilla / Cyberduck. Share the URL on the homework link • Format of URL: mason.gmu.edu/~username/biblio.html 28 Lệ 36% 1 ] Sun 12:44 AM Q = Q Search in Presentation Share a PowerPoint File Edit View Insert Format Arrange Tools Slide Show Window Help AutoSave OFF Do Lab 6 Home Insert Design Transitions Animations Slide Show Review View of cut Layout A A A - Copy Reset Paste New BI U abe X2 X2 Uabe X2 X AYA AV A Format Slide Section Shape Fill ITIAE Convert to Picture Shapes Text Box Arrange Quick Styles Shape Outline SmartArt bb Upload the HTML file, image to the Provide your browser wikan Backboard 5 index.html from Case Study-| index.html Download the index.html file from mason server using PleZila or Cyber Duck or Mac) you have previously saved index.html retrieve it and save it to a folder on the desktop. Name it as 'HTML-2 My Home Page → C file:///C:/Users/000/Desktop/HTML/inde = 6 index.html from Case Study Daha SB they of Maryland Bill Davis School of Business University of Maryland Fundamentals of Computing 7 Adding background color • Syllabus • Project requirements: i. Title page with honor code ii. Four to six content pages iii. Bibliography iv. Navigational menu v. Digital image vi. Table 8 Tables - A ble arrangeimation in rows and column . An insarcinatarow and alumnis called a call The goas of acaba containing on curand one row life 6 re வா table Click to add notes Slide 6 of 31 English (United States) Notes Comments B + 106% 6 A LP W
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Hello , check the website, I followed the instruction...

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