visual, auditory, and kinesthetic), come up with five (5) classroom or study tac

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  • Define each of the learning preferences styles and then describing the five classroom and study tactics you have come up with for each preference.
  • How could this information be used in the classroom either by you or other students?
  • What adjustments can be made to adapt to other teaching styles?
  • How can you improve your non-dominant learning preferences?
  • write a 250 -300 words
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    Descriptions of Learning Modalities:

    ShapeBody MovementsRhythms
    SculptureObject ManipulationTone
    Kinesthetic Learning (American English), Kinaesthetic Learning (British English), or Tactiles Learning is a learning style in which learning takes place by the students carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations. 

    One thing you can do to overcome the difference in teaching and learning styles is to make the lessons a bit more hands-on when you get home. Immediately review the notes, saying them outloud. This helps you to become personally involved in the material. If there are problems you can practice, do so, even if they're not assigned for homework. This activity will sink in better for you than just listening to a lecture. Perhaps you can even find videos in the library on a particular topic that will allow you to see the process in action. Another thing you can consider is working with the professor's strengths instead of against them. Get a tutor to teach you some outlining skills. Take a study skills course to learn better reading comprehensIVELY.

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