My topic is to compare and contrast Bollywood dancing and Kathak.


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My topic is to compare and contrast Bollywood dancing and Kathak.

You must have reliable 6 sources.

  • 3 in support of your stance
  • 3 that do not support your stance

MLA format

  • See Ch 27
  • Work cited
  • In text citations
  • Header
  • Last name pg # on each page

8-10 pages

  • Work cited pg included in page count
  • 12 font
  • Times New Roman
  • Double spaced
  • Last name and pg numbers on all pages

Thesis must be in the opening paragraph

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Research Paper :Compare and Contrast Focus on the similarities and differences between the research topic you picked and a parallel topic to help explain your argument. For example, if you are interested in health and fitness you may choose to research Keto vs Vegan diets. You would compare and contrast results based on source information. Chose a stance,( pro keto, or pro vegan), and build your argument around the research that supports your stance, while responding to the sources that differ in opinion. You must have 6 sources. ❏ 3 in support of your stance ❏ 3 that do not support your stance MLA format ❏ Ch 27 ❏ Work cited ❏ In text citations ❏ Header 8-10 pages ❏ Work cited pg included in page count ❏ 12 font ❏ Times New Roman ❏ Double spaced ❏ Last name and pg numbers on all pages Thesis must be in the opening paragraph Research Proposal must be submitted by due date see BB course documents & 10.1 ppt for more infomation Dance By: Harveen Kaur Thesis - Many different types of dances in India but Bollywood and Kathak are the most popular Bollywood has more of a free flow; Kathak has more structure and gracefulness My connection with this topic Ever since I was able to walk, I have been dancing. Dance was, is and will always be my first love. My mom had me join many different dance schools to learn various styles of dances. I have learned Bhangra, Bollywood, Hip-hop, Kathak, and other folk dances. I have competed in many competitions and performed solo and with a group at weddings and parties. Dancing is also a stress reliever for me. Whenever I get stressed or frustrated I go to the basement turn up the music and just dance it all out. In India, there are many different types of dancing styles, but the primary three are Bhangra, Bollywood, and Kathak. Six Sources: 1) 2) Dance teacher: Amruta Isloor My mom: Cheema Kaur 3) 4) 5) 6) The Evolution of Bollywood Dance. Agra India BBC Bollywood Dance Explained Indianica academy Videos - Bollywood: Start at 25 seconds. - Kathak: Start at 25 seconds. ...
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Harveen Kaur
Tyrice Brown
College Composition 1
November 6, 2018
Essay 3
Indian dances encompass a wide range of musical dances which have attracted worldwide
attention. These dances are normally featured in the Bollywood film industry. Majority of the
classical dances in India developed from the dancing rituals at the temples. Some of the dances
in this category are: Bharatyanam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniyattam, Manipuri, Kathak and Bollywood
dances. These dances involve body movements which are unique to each type of dance. For
instance, the Bharatyannam involves half sitting postures in combination with different Mudras.
Eye movements are quite a lot in this style. On the other hand, Kathak involves very unique
movements characterized by spins which seem to follow a progression in tempo from slow to
fast. Though there are significant differences among these dance styles, each one is treasured as
an illustration of the rich Indian culture demonstrated through folk dances (Chakravorty, et al
The Kathak and Bollywood dances can be described as the most common forms of
dances in the Indian music dances. Today, Bollywood dances have gained popularity throughout
the world and have become an essential feature in Bollywood films especially in the western
sphere. It has incorporated a unique blend of various dance forms which include I ndian classical
dances, folk, jazz and some elements of western popular. Researchers and commentators agree
that India has opened up the world through these rich folk dances. In this paper, I intend to
explore the major similarities and differences that exist between the Kathak dance and

Bollywood dance. This will be done through research methodologies aimed at exposing the
features of these dances and the influence they have not only in India but also in the entire world.
Through research the factors influencing these different features can be effectively brought to

Growing up watching Indian movies, is probably one of the privileges I enjoyed and which
opened up my mind to realize the rich culture embedded in the Indian folk dances and classical
music. I was exposed to these dances as an observer as well as a participant and in this way, I
could note that each of these dances had their own unique features which identified each of them.
❖ An illustration of the Bollywood dance

❖ An illustration of the Kathak dance

The main similarities between the Kathak and Bollywood dances are:

both are a demonstration of the rich cultural heritage embraced by the Hindi people

Both these dances give an identity to the Indian communities.

Most of the aspects and features of these musical dances can...

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