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In other words, what are people who live in the South doing that causes this area to have higher rates of heart attack and stroke than do people who live in other areas?  What changes could be made to reduce the risk factors?

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 Statistics of ethnicity accurate as of 2008 shows that White and African Americans have the highest % of deaths (25.0% for Whites, 24.5% for African Americans).  American Indians/Alaskan Natives have the lowest (18%). since many people retire in the South, especially Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana. 

Perhaps people living in the South have more medical conditions or risk factors  that make people in the South at a higher risk (smoking, poor diet, excessive alcohol use, poor diet, obesity, lack of sufficient exercise). this is caused by the fact that for a  long time now it is historically known to be a place of lower socioeconomic status. People in this area have little money to spend on health care. In addition, there access to healthy food is limited because of their low income. Finally, the intense heat can precipitate a heart attack that may occur.

prevention and control of many coronary heart disease

You can prevent and control many coronary heart disease (CHD) risk factors with lifestyle changes and medicines. Examples of these controllable risk factors include  High blood cholesterol, high blood sugar and overweight and obesity. Only a few risk factors—such as age, gender, and family history—can't be controlled.

Lifestyle Changes

A healthy lifestyle can lower the risk of CHD. If you already have CHD, a healthy lifestyle may prevent it from getting worse. A healthy lifestyle includes:

  • Following a healthy diet
  • Being physically active
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Quitting smoking
  • Managing stress

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