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“The Sun: Crash Course Astronomy #10”

1. The sun is a ______________________________________________________.

2. The vast majority of stars are much BIGGER SMALLER than the sun.

3. The sun is comprised mostly of _____________________________________________ gas.

4. If hydrogen is “ionized”, that means the ______________________ have been stripped from the atoms.

5. What famous equation describes what happens when protons comes together? ____________________

6. Hydrogen fusion occurs is the _____________________________________ of the sun.

7. What process transfers the heat throughout the sun? _______________________________________

8. The “sphere of light” is the ________________________________________________________.

9. The sun’s atmosphere is the _______________________________________________________________.

10. How long does it take light to reach the surface of the sun (by modern standards)? _____________________

11. The sun is not exactly a gas. It’s better to call it a _______________________________________________.

12. A dark, cooler spot on the surface of the sun is called a ______________________________________.

13. Sunspots INCREASE DECREASE the energy output of the sun.

14. When magnetic field lines snap, and as a result explode outward we get a ____________________________.

15. If a solar flare is like a tornado, a coronal mass ejection is like a ______________________________________.

16. When the Earth’s magnetic field interacts with the ejected material from the sun, we get ________________.

19. The first solar storm ever detected was in _____________________________________.

20. If the solar storm of 2012 had hit us, we’d have recovered by now. TRUE FALSE

“Stars: Crash Course Astronomy #26”

A ___________________________ is the result when you divide the light from an incoming object into different wavelengths.

Stars emits light at ALL A FEW SPECIFIC wavelengths.

Cecelia Payne-Gaposchkin was the physicist who was able to put everything together, showing that the spectra of stars depended on the _____________________________ and the ________________________ in their atmospheres. She showed that stars were mainly ____________________ with the next most abundant element being ______________________.

Cannon and Gaposchkin’s classification system is still used today. It arranges stars by their ____________________________, assigning each a letter: O, B, A, F, G, K, M. Each letter group is divided into ______ subgroups. The sun is classified as a ________ star.

Because of the way our eyes see color, there are no ___________________ stars. The sun actually peaks in the green range, however the light from the sun is _______________________________.

___________________________ is how much light a star is actually giving off.

The best way to study a large group of objects is to look for ________________________________.

The H-R diagram is the single most important graph in all of astronomy. TRUE FALSE

A star that fuses hydrogen faster will be HOTTER COOLER

The stars on the lower left are called ____________________________. The stars on the upper right are called red, or super ________________________________.

Massive stars age the same as low-mass stars. TRUE FALSE

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