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Moles Nickel = atoms nickel over atoms per mole

moles nickel = 7.5 x l0^l5 over 6.02 x l0^23 = 1.25 x l0-8 moles, not very much

Now to get this number of moles into grams.

Grams Ni = #moles Ni times 58.7 grams per mole (from atomic wt. for Ni)

Grams Ni = l.25 x l0^-8 times 58.7 g/mole = 7.3 x l0-7 grams

b. C9H8O4 has a molar mass of 180 g/mol
convert 100.0 mg to grams and yu get 0.1 g

divide the 2 and you end up with mols = 1800 mols

multiply by avogradros number (6.022e23) and you end up with molecules.

1.08396e27 molecules of aspirin in the tablet

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