Will it be possible for their children to have dimples?

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In humans, having a dimple is a dominate trait versus not having a dimple, which is recessive. A dimple is designated "D" or "d". If a mom that does not have dimples has children with a man that also does not have dimples.

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No it is not possible.One of the most important principles that governs life is inheritance of genes. They code for specific proteins that are responsible for various physical features. These features are what makes us look the way we do. Such features include our height, skin color, eye color, hair texture, etc. However, they do not just govern our outer appearance but other features like resistance to certain diseases, intolerance to certain chemicals, etc. There are two copies of each gene present in an individual's body with the exception of eggs and sperms. These include one copy of the gene from the mother and one copy from the father. Thus, some of our physical traits are similar to our mother while some match with our father's traits. These two or more variations or forms of genes are called alleles. The interaction between these alleles determines the expression of a gene. Dominant traits are those traits which are expressed even in the presence of one copy of an allele for a particular trait in the gene. However, recessive traits are those that are expressed only when two copies of an allele are present in the gene.

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