Campaign for yogurt brand tagerting UK market (3,000 words, 6 pages, 1.5 spaced)

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The assignment requires you to develop a new integrated marketing communication campaign for a yogurt or yogurt drink brand targeting at the UK market. You are required to prepare a ‘pitch’, proposing an integrated marketing communications campaign as if you are part of an agency’s account team pitching for a client’s business, utilising at least two Marketing Communications tools.

The objective is to win the business by illustrating a compelling, original, integrated, and effective marketing communication plan.

This campaign is targeted at consumers in the UK market. You are required to devise an original promotional campaign and support the creative strategy with a clearly argued marketing rationale. You can work on introducing a new toy to the market, boosting sales for a particular product line, announcing a collaborative alliance with other brands from the non-toy sector, etc. The potential budget and all other variables are left open. But please ensure that the scenario is plausible. Keep everything in proportion and always refer it back to the literature. One good thing to do is to bear in mind the integrated theme of the course- you don’t have to rely on just one media channel. You can, of course, choose a media plan to suit your campaign strategy, using any media and any form of promotional communication you choose.

Your report must outline the five main areas of:

  • A review of the chosen brand’s current positioning: discuss its competitive positioning and differential appeal.
  • Marketing communications objectives: based upon the analysis above, identify this campaign’s marketing communication objectives and justify your rationales.
  • Target audience: describe and justify your chosen target segment(s) in terms of their behaviour, attitude and lifestyle.
  • Literature review: critically discuss the concept of IMC and the tools (e.g. advertising, PR, direct marketing, exhibitions, etc) of your choice. You need to include at least 2 different tools for this IMC campaign. The discussion needs to be firmly based on existing literature. Models and frameworks could be employed to help demonstrate your point in support of your arguments.
  • Creative strategy: discuss how and why the two tools (or more) of your choice are going to be integrated in your IMC campaign. Describe your creative idea, strategy and media choice, and how you intend to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign, appropriate to the two tools that you are focusing on.

Abstract must be included ( <150 words)

The word limit is 3000 words (12 font size, using 1.5 line spacing). This includes an abstract of no more than 150 words. Please try to retain yourself within the word limit and state the total word counts in the cover page. If you exceed the word limit you will be penalised by receiving a lower grade. You are allowed to include a reasonable amount of relevant supporting material in the appendix (which are not included in the word count). All material should be properly referenced according to the Harvard system of referencing used in most academic journals.

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