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two ways of connecting with the larger community. The first one should focus on the center as a whole it could be a health fair of carnival and the second should be on a smaller scale for one specific age group or class of children.

include all stakeholders from the community that would be invited and what role they would play. detailed account for both events and also how you will get the word out to the community for attendance.

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We believe building stronger communities is one of the best ways to reduce social and economic disadvantage. Community development is about helping people find solutions to issues within their own communities. Our community projects all look different as they are guided by each local community. We always work in partnership with residents, government and non-government organisations and build on what is already in the community.

Building child friendly communities


Communities for Children programs are working in three NSW communities to support young families, create child friendly communities and reduce disadvantage. Some of the many initiatives we have helped develop are:

  • a child-friendly café in Campbelltown
  • a Young Black and Ready for School Health Screening Day in Wyong
  • 'Street Treats' street-based playgroups for children aged up to five years old around Campbelltown.

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