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What strategies/tactics can the Human Service worker apply/utilize to combat the attitudes of individuals against people with HIV/AIDS virus?

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Having HIV or AIDS is terrible to say the least. But we shouldn't treat those who have it in a negative or mean way. It is a disease as any disease, the only thing; it can't be cured. Human service professionals can always gain the education they need first in order to understand the effect it has on someone who doesn't have these diseases. Then, educate the public on the disease. Maybe letting those with the disease speak up and allow the public or individuals to understand how they feel about it, it will change their attitude towards those who have it. Knowing someone who has AIDS or HIV may make someone who doesn't have it shun them away. However, if those individuals know the education behind it and how to prevent from accruing it, then maybe they wouldn't look at HIV and AIDS patients with so much negativity.

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