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I have project ( Apple’s Strategic Stalemate ) . and can you please do powerpoint for this project. 8 to 10 slide. With a simple note for each slide.

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1 Introduction Apple Inc. Company is making its next big move in the spaces such as the AR, healthcare, and autonomous cars while still maintaining its competitive advantage in hardware production. The primary concern is whether the organization will be able to reinvent itself with the reduction in the growth of smartphones, the uphill battle in Al, and the increased number of product lines. Over the past years, Apple has been an organization with a positive brand name over its competitors in the market. Currently, the firm is at crossroads as there are many questions regarding the inability of the current CEO to seize the opportunities on emerging technology. Looking at its strategy, Apple is currently focusing on the augmented reality as well as the Apple Watch wearable. The expansion of the HomePod speaker system will serve as a competitor to the blockbuster Echo device of Amazon (Haselton, 2018). However, the primary challenge to the management of Apple is determining the next big move that will be equal to the success and growth of the iPhone. The question is whether it will be the augmented reality, wearable, autonomous cars, or something that will be completely different. Even though the action of Apple Inc. to develop new machine learning applications can result in strategic advantages, there is still contention on whether it is smart home tech or augmented reality. Therefore, the study will provide an insight into the current situation, environmental and internal analysis to outline the approach taken by the organization in its next strategies on self-reinvention. Environmental Analysis 2 Apple Inc. Company has not only significant resources but also potential in the technology industry. However, different trends in the external environment present threats and opportunities for the success of the current strategy of the firm limiting these threats require strategic planning and appropriate actions that emphasizes the value-added core competencies in Apple organization. It will help the company in producing competitive products and services resulting in opportunities to penetrate in the AR, healthcare, and autonomous cars products while still maintain the competitive advantage in hardware production. Therefore, Apple should consider some of the external forces for change that helps it in the maintenance of a creative edge. The social factors discuss the shifts in the lifestyle of the consumers and trends in their needs — Apple Inc. Company requires the adoption of current strategies and new ideas for meeting customer needs and maintenance of brand loyalty. Majority of the organizations are struggling with the creation of strategic targets. For example, the automotive industry is currently experiencing changes like vehicle digitization, autonomous vehicles, and options for new drive (Newman, 2017). Thus, if Mercedes Benz wants to keep abreast with these changes and maintain competitive advantage, they have to respond accordingly or risk being left out. The company has to stay focused on strategic targets such as enhancing the freedom of access, information access, and energy freedom. The implication is that the majority of the organizations are moving towards the production of customer-centered goods and services. They continual adjust their products to address the dynamic needs of consumers in the market. If Apple Inc. Company wants to succeed in its autonomous cars strategy; it must start by identifying the lifestyle changes in the industry and ensure modern innovation that incorporates 3 the identified trends to stay in the market. There is a need for incorporating new digital features that give the drivers the opportunity of sharing real-time information on the conditions on the road. Although in the past years Apple has been successful in changing its product to satisfy customer expectations and tastes and preferences in the market, there is a need to increase the acquisition. Two factors are always evident when it comes to Apple products; quality and design (Rufat-Latre et al., 2010). For Apple to gain a competitive advantage in their proposed strategy, they should be able to define the modern lifestyle of their customers in the products and services they develop. Every company in the market aims at coming up with innovations and discoveries. The management should ensure that they take advantage of its innovations as well as high technologies products. They should invest in research and development to ensure that they become at the top in the AR, healthcare, and autonomous cars spaces. Majority of the dominant companies in this field have extensively invested in technology by including innovative features that address the needs of consumers. Thus, withstanding the market requires that the organization should increase investment in research and development (Kotsios et al., 2015). The focus should not only be on the production of unique products but also give preference to the demands of consumers. It implies that the company should adopt the strategic decision of retaining the technicians and strategists to allow for the company to concentrate on the portfolio optimization. It is only through the promotion of groundbreaking innovations that will enable Apple Inc. Company achieve its goal such as the one witnessed in the ability of the company to design its iOS devices chip hence reducing overreliance on suppliers. Will they be able to translate these results into the augmented reality or autonomous cars? 4 At this state, innovation to Apple does not only mean investing in the mobile or music industries but also developing technology for driverless cars as well as the incorporation of the Apple technology into the regular vehicles. Even though the majority of the new entrants desire to enter this market, there are still limited regulations in the driverless car industry thus companies aiming to join should be highly innovative to become the leaders (Porter, 2008). Strategically, Apple’s research and development have to hold the advance in this sector for complying with future regulations while at the same time delivering innovation for its consumers. The inability to adapt to the changes in technology may render Apple Inc. Company ineffective and weaken its competitive advantage. Apple should improvise current technology to beat the market leaders. The pace of advancement and technological obsolescence also require Apple to change. Such technological changes may impact the work structure thus the need for establishing a new equilibrium. The growing apps market could be beneficial to the success of Apple’s healthcare devices and apps. Over the past years, there has been progressing in the global economy. The purchasing power of consumers across the globe depends on the economic conditions in the world. Statistics from the past years show an increase in the unemployment rates among many countries which result in a reduction in the number of sales of Apple products. There has been an increase in the inflation rate among nations that have an adverse impact on the purchasing power of the consumers. The implication is that if Apple has to succeed in this environment, it should consider its pricing strategy to equate it to the prevailing market rates. Apple Inc. prices its products highly and in such economic conditions could reduce the sales of Apple products. The changes in economic conditions in the world are providing opportunities for the company in the 5 global market. The consumers prefer Apple products and services due to their quality, innovation, and luxury. The pricing strategy used by Apple Company has paved ways for competitors to produce low-priced products making it difficult for Apple’s products to compete effectively in the market. Customers are willing to pay a premium price during economic upturn compared to its competitors that produce low-priced products (Motohashi, 2016). The management of Apple Inc. Company should analyze the economic growth of countries they operate in to determine the most suitable market to sell the AR, healthcare, and autonomous cars products. For example, the economic growth of China shows that consumers in this market segment will be able to afford Apple’s innovative products. Therefore, before venturing into these spaces, Apple Inc. Company should look at the prevailing economic conditions in the target markets to ensure that they are successful. It is evident that the financial stability in most of the developed countries will create opportunities for the expansion of the products and businesses. The high economic growth rate in developing countries such as Asia presents opportunities for making its next big move in spaces such as the AR, healthcare, and autonomous cars. Apple should ensure that it uses the economic chances promptly since it there are similar competitors that target the high-growth economies. Portland estimates that the global market for autonomous vehicles will increase in the coming years. The management should look out for these trends when making their strategic decisions. Consumers are demanding for environmentally friendly products. Therefore, to maintain business sustainability the firm should adopt the current technological solutions for the enhancement of energy efficiency of its products by improving the processors, batteries, and other components emitting heat. Apple considers the autonomous car as one of its Al significant 6 projects. Producing electric cars could be the real deal that the organization will use in promoting the manufacturing of eco-friendly products. For the company to achieve the success of its strategy, it has to ensure that the products offered to encourage sustainability, gain the appreciation of consumers of providing eco-friendly products, and ability to create an image of responsible organization (Grubor & Milovanov, 2017). The management has to identify the ecological factors that influence the decision of the management and environmental objectives. They should use different tools to determine the natural environment and its impact during strategic analysis. The aim is to align the strategies of the company to both the ecosystem and policies of the state (Etzion, 2007). The political factors impact the success of any strategies adopted by a firm — Apple Inc. Company needs to consider these issues when deciding on the next significant progress. They should look at the opportunities created by developing countries through free trade. Determining that free trade policies enhance the chances of the institution to distribute its products to different markets in the world could facilitate the success of the current innovative products. Stability in the political environment will indicate that there are minimal challenges that will affect Apple Inc. Company in its efforts to develop their products in the market. The managers can incorporate the opportunities created by the external environment to improve the performance of its products. The level of bureaucracy will also be another factor to consider when deciding on the next space to venture in for the company (Kirkley, 2016). The organization has to deal with the political effects on the international scale. The company should consider the cost of political lobbying on the achievement of the proposed spaces. Adopting a product that will require an additional annual budget on political lobbying my negatively impact on profitability. 7 Requirements on product labeling and provisions on electronic equipment will also affect the type of type product Apple Inc. Company will add to its product line. The growth in technology has led to the electronics industry to become more competitive compared to the manufacturers. Majority of the people require or use technological products in their daily lives. There are those that prefer the cost of the business to performance, while others are willing to pay premium prices for customized products that meet their tastes and preference (Levitt, 2001). Such factors have resulted in different levels of provider strategies. There are those who focus on low price and may not satisfy the consumer needs by providing products with the desired features. However, organizations such as Sony, HP, and Dell among others give the consumers the freedom choosing from a wide range of option with various prices. However, differs with the competitors by providing products of high quality at a high cost but lack the diverse model. For instance, Apple only has a single model of iPhone product that varies in the memory and cost compared to Samsung that has various product options with a variety of pricing strategy. The strategic implication is that the firm has to consider the competitor's plan to determine if they will continue with their approach or adopt a new one to compete with others. Will consumers be willing to buy autonomous care at the high price provided they are of quality or will they prefer to purchase low-priced products? Determining such market dynamics will give an insight into the technology to adopt. Even though each sector has the threat of new entrants, the technology field has the highest risk. The products are widespread. Thus firms require fewer efforts that pave the way for new entrants. Apple should use its substantial recognition, royalty, and innovative technology to ensure that the products it launches into the market are successful. Maintaining the market share 8 and increasing the generation of profits require that Apple differentiates its products and engage in strong marketing strategy such as the competitive advantage. As a new manufacturer in those spaces like health and autonomous car, Apple Inc. may find it difficult to compete with the market leaders in the field. Therefore, the only way to concur this challenge is through putting in place strategies that ensure product differentiation. Furthermore, the management should analyze the threat of substitutes in the spaces they wish to venture. This factor could be present in two ways; performance and price that give the consumers an opportunity of switching to other product. There are two strategic implications; the production of products that meet the needs of the consumers and charging prices that are affordable to consumers (Clarke, 2012). Apple will use these strategies in setting the price of its products to ensure competition does not reduce their market share. The products should not be imitable. No company should be able to reproduce the ecosystem created by Apple. Consumers should be able to but the products for stability and upgradability that enables transfer of knowledge among the devices. Apple should continuously evaluate their product to ensure that they meet the needs of consumers by providing the products are rare, valuable, and unique. Internal Analysis The internal environment of an organization relates to the human resource and the way in which they perform their duties according to the organizational goals. The management can control and change the internal environment to some extent through management and planning processes. Apple should pay particular attention to staff recruitment and designing effective training and development programs for building the capability of the organization. Agility is one of the vital factors that could make Apple success in its initiative of making the big move in 9 other spaces. The company was able to move from manufacturing smartphones to becoming the market leader in the music industry due to agility. As opposed to ensuring that workers focus on the performance of a single task and improving them in their line of duty, the organization should reinforce the employees for the preparing them for the next big thing. The projects should flow in chronological order, and the employees should be prepared to start a new project after the completion of the current one. The teams should adopt a unique approach to the manner in which they work. Rather than creating functional units to perform a task, Apple needs to assign several groups to work on a single project hence the need for having adequate employees with the desired skills to accomplish the incorporation of new product lines. Developing their skills and experience will enable the teams to compete in creating innovative products and services. Therefore, investing in human resources is essential in ensuring that the organization achieves its strategies as well as maintaining a competitive advantage in hardware production (Rafiei & Davari, 2015). Organization culture is a useful component in ensuring the success of the business. The commitment of the employees makes significant differences on their willingness to produce innovative products. Apple’s strategic crossroad implies that it has to focus on creative innovation organizational culture. Its primary focus should be on the maintenance of innovative levels with creativity as their core objective and a mindset challenging the status quo. The next spaces that Apple wishes to venture in are competitive and highly volatile. Competitors are engaging in research on the best products that meet the needs of consumers. Hence, if Apple wishes to have a chance of competing with the leaders, then it needs a coherent and collaborative 10 culture which is one of the determinants of industry leaders. It will also help to address product development and technological innovations (Fogliasso & Williams, 2014). The organizational culture should emphasize the recruitment of skilled and experienced employees for reinforcing a corporate culture that requires the employees to perform their best towards the achievement of the strategic goals. During product development and design, the managers should stress excellence as the critical success factor. Also, there is a need of ensuring that the workers are creative when developing and designing the products. They should be able to replicate the innovative features in the iPhones, iPads, and Macs to their current next move. The organization culture will be useful in the maintenance of the capacity of the organization to satisfy consumer needs (Guiso et al., 2015). Moreover, the organizational culture should support innovation. To achieve the desired goals, Apple Inc. Company motivates its personnel to become innovative at both individual work performance and make positive input to the development processes of a product. Rapid innovation will facilitate the introduction of the new products that may be attractive and profitable in the market. Apple Inc. Company contributes positively to the enhancement of innovation which is a critical component that determines the success of Apple’s next big move. The corporate structure of Apple includes a combination of the resources, workers, and their relationship with the business (Damanpour & Aravind, 2012). The managers of Apple should design its organizational structure in such a manner that it supports not only the strategies but also promotes technological innovation. Achieving a breakthrough in the AR, healthcare, and autonomous cars spaces require Apple to change from its traditional structure. For instance, Google Company’s structure is useful in supporting great innovation. The cross-functional organizational structure supports 11 growth and competitive advantage of the firm (Elsbach & Stigliani, 2018). However, the hierarchical organizational structure used by Apple Inc. Company could be a hindrance on its success in the new fields. The company should be able to put in place a robust functional matrix that supports collaboration among the divisions. The strategic implication is that Apple should move from the spoke-and-wheel hierarchy structure where decision-making power is concentrated in the hands of the CEO to a more collaborative structure that allows for the innovative inputs of employees at all level ...
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Apple’s Strategic

 The

company is a fast growing one in the

 It

aims to be able to reduce the demand
of smartphones

 Challenged
 Study

by making the next move

research for environmental and
internal analysis

The different trends in the external environment
present threats and opportunities for the success
of the current strategy.

It will help the company in producing
competitive products and services resulting.

The results of competition will give opportunities
to penetrate in the AR, healthcare, and
autonomous cars products.

The social factors discuss the shifts in the lifestyle of the
consumers and trends in their needs.
Majority of the organizations are struggling with the
creation of strategic targets
The company has to stay focused on strategic targets
such as enhancing the freedom of access, information
access, and energy freedom.
The success of apple must start by identifying the lifestyle
changes in the industry.
The high economic growth rate in developing countries
such as Asia presents opportunities for making its next big
move in spaces such as the AR, healthcare, and
autonomous cars.

The company should be able to define the modern lifestyle of
their customers in the products and services they develop.

Apple Inc. company in the market aims at coming up with
innovations and discoveries.

Apple’s innovation, research and development have to hold
the advance in this sector for complying with future regulation...

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