FIN 343 Industry Company Analysis Project (Fall 2018)

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Hello I need assistance with my finance 343 class assignment. The assignment is to conduct industry and financial company analysis of assigned company and its competitors to provide recommendation to management on future goals and strategy. Provide a written report which summarizes your analysis and provides recommendations to management. Your summary analysis should be based upon your detailed research of your assigned company, its industry/sector, and its competitors in the industry/sector.

You will need to Use data from Yahoo!Finance, Google Finance, Mergent Online, Bloomberg, the company’s annual report, and other public data to complete the following. This you will not have to worry about it because I already have it done in excel and I will attached it.

Helpful Hints:

  • Financial Analysis Report, for sections 3-6, compare your assigned firm to at least one (1) competitor. The competitor that you select, must be in the same industry/sector as your assigned firm. It must be the same competitor used throughout the report.
  • Financial Analysis Report must be one (1) document in Word or Adobe PDF format. It must contain narrative to explain the numbers, charts, and graphs which should be embedded in the narrative. The report should be no more than 8 pages with about 70% narrative and 30% charts and graphs.

***** I Have attached all the instructions that need to followed please check It because my professor does not take any B.S work.

Thanks in advance :)

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Industry and Company Analysis: Walmart Vs. Target
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Industry and Company Analysis: Walmart Vs. Target
Walmart and target have managed to penetrate both the national and international market
in their operations as retail sellers. The two company are very huge and operate chain stores that
sell general merchandise at an impressively low price to attract as many customers as possible.
Walmart focuses on reducing the retail price of the goods so that even consumers from lowerand middle-income economic classes can enjoy the benefits of saving. Nevertheless, given the
much similarity in the merchandise sold in the two chain stores, the distinction of the two
companies through a deeper look at the performance of both firms is what will reveal many
details about the performance of the two companies.
Industry Overview and Analysis
The industry of the two companies, Walmart and Target are both retailers whose
performance is determined by consumer confidence and personal income. The two companies
are working hard to ensure that that they have the positive attitude from the consumers. Using
the price wars, the two retailers are making sure that most of the goods are affordable to the
consumers and has the value that the consumers are looking out for. The retail consumption rate
is also affected by the change in the overall economy where a healthy national economy is
reflected in the success of retail stores.
Walmart’s remains the number on the leader in market position when it comes to retailing
with an emphasis on the rural areas which have had problems accessing cheap yet quality
products. The company has managed to expand to other regions in the world such as Europe,
Mexico, and China. The company has also managed to secure cheap suppliers due to their huge
bargaining power and therefore reciprocate the same on the retail prices of the goods in the stores
(Shabbir, 2016). The company has, however, experienced challenges with poor public relations
ranging from disallowing workers to form labor unions and giving their workers poor working
conditions. Due to the significant influence of social corporate responsibility, the company has
faced a huge decline in sales owing to the poor treatment of their workers.
On the other hand, Target has steadily risen to become the new mass merchandising giant
with a beta of 0.96. this shows the solid performance of the company even with much less
regional coverage which is just within the United States. Target’s future is solid with the yet
unexplored international market. With the excelling performance at home country, the company
is bound to perform impressively should it expand to new markets around the world. The
gradually popularizing targets online shopping platform will make the company’s online
presence get heard even more.
Trends is another vital determinant in the market outlook, consumers are looking out for
new and efficient products resonate with the current demands. As such, there are calls to
consume and buy products that are energy efficient and free of biohazards. As such, genetically
modified foods have become an alarm and the retailers are working hard to ensure that they give
no such compromised food products. On the other hand, the call towards healthy living with
foods that have low-fat content has become the new trend in healthy eating styles. These changes
have come to affect the consumption habits of the regular customers of the retail stores and the
retails stores are adapting by brin...

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