What is the rate of the reaction from the graph below

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A →B + C at  t = 0 s ?

Feb 2nd, 2015

A reaction rate can be reported quite differently depending on which product or reagent selected to be monitored. 

Given a reaction:


rate  of  reaction = 1/a Δ[A]/Δt=−1/b Δ[B]/Δt = 1/ cΔ[C]/Δt = 1/d Δ[D]/Δt

This formula can also be written as:

rate  of  reaction   = 1/a (rate of disappearance of A)

                          = 1/b (rate of disappearance of B)

                            = 1/c (rate of formation of C)

                            = 1/d (rate of formation of D)

So for A →B + C at t=0

the rate of reaction will be   =  - Δ[A]/Δt = Δ[B]/Δt = Δ[C]/Δt

Jun 12th, 2015

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Feb 2nd, 2015
Feb 2nd, 2015
Oct 22nd, 2017
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