My stress test is below the question please write into 4 sentences please

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Based on information gathered in step one, address the following:

  • According to the results, what are your top five stressors?
  • How do you often react to each of these stressors?
  • How can you address and overcome these stressors in a productive way?

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Scores of 1-6 Few Hassles

Scores of 7-12 Pretty Good Control

Scores of 13-17 Danger Zone. Watch out!

Scores of 18+ Stressed Out. You may need help

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I have pretty good control of my stress, as indicated with my score of 10. My top five stresors are, when I have lots of work and little time, to study for a test that I know nothing about, being late for work, not being able to find a sub for my shift, worrying about the future. I react somewhat frequently to these stressors but when I plan these things out and tell myself that I can do it and think positively everything works out. By knowing them and working hard on finding solutions to them, by being neative I know i am only making them worse, thus, the solution is to think positively and do something about it in an efffective way

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