Self-Efficacy and Motivation

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At first glance, the concept of self-efficacy can sound much like the concept of self-esteem, yet there are important distinctions. For this discussion, you will describe self-efficacy and explain how it is distinct from self-esteem.

Describe something you have high self-efficacy about, and then describe something where your self-efficacy is low. To complete the part concerning high self-efficacy, think about your skills in any area of your life (for example, a specific sport, cooking, writing, mentoring, parenting, drawing, and so forth). To complete the part on low self-efficacy, think about areas that you do not feel strong in where you would like to build skills (for example, a specific sport, public speaking, academic writing, cooking, and so forth).

Next, describe some strategies that you can implement to build your skills in the area of low self-efficacy (think back to scaffolding).

Explain why self-efficacy is important to motivation.

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