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Provide responses to each post using a minimum of 100 words. In your peer replies, you are encouraged to challenge responses to promote critical thinking on all sides of a discussion


Discussion Post #1

Hi Everyone,

I personally have not been in a formal situation where I needed to collect data. The only time that comes to mind is during my current job we were running new software for payroll. Being that the company I work for has 15 homes across the UK and Scottland we had to test the software before installing it into all of the homes and possibly have all of them fail. My home was one of the guinea pigs. We had to each week when processing payroll analyze how effective the new system was compared to the old. We also had to report any bug that we were noticing. This allowed for our tech department to work them out before the product was launched. The main purpose of collecting the data from the trial home was to make it the best product possible. At the moment we are still running two payroll system. We are currently tracking the hours worked through one system and imputing the rota on the same but then actually paying the employees through the old system. I personally am frustrated with the process but I do understand why they are doing it. Once they get rid of the old system completely there is no longer room for error. I have also found that they keep updating the new system to included brilliant techniques that are well worth the wait.

This may not be your average form of data collection but it is a form of it that my company has benefited from tremendously. Also through this class, I have realized that data collection does not necessarily mean science but instead can be applied to anything that can be tested through trial and error.

Thank for reading:)


Discussion Post #2

Hello Prof and Class

There is so much data that is collected in so many different ways. A lot of it we don’t even realize that is being collected for a specific reason. I work in outpatient therapy services. I register and schedule outpatient therapy appointments. During this process we collect a lot of data that is for tracking purposes. We ask the patient questions like: have you been a patient with us before? If so was it in the last 6 months? How did you hear about us? Who referred you to our facility? These questions let us know how we are doing getting the word out about our facility and if we have returning patients. We also ask the patient’s race, ethnicity and language (as do many places) this lets us know the demographics of our patients and where the disparities are so we can better serve or patients. This is actually something that is required by The Joint Commission, CMS and The Affordable Care Act. Another form of data collection for patients are the surveys that are sent out when they are discharged. This information allows a facility to understand what they are doing right and wrong and what needs to be improved for better quality care.



Discussion Post #3

Our drinking water must pass standards by the EPA before it is available to us in our households. From this, we can conclude that our water is safe to drink unless an advisory has been sent our in your area to disinfect by boiling before consumption. However, this does not include the condition of the pipes and plumbing in our homes. The presence of lead and copper in our plumbing systems can introduce detectable levels of contaminants in drinking water(Lincoln Public Works, 2017). Older homes built before the 1950s may still have this issue as this type of plumbing style has been banned in the US. Any change in taste, color, or smell may not mean a health concern initially but could be considered the start of a problem (CDC, 2012). There are home tests you can perform to see how safe your drinking water is if you are concerned. At my home, I prefer to drink reverse osmosis water. I own a water tank that holds a five-gallon bottle. This drinking water is treated by a system that uses a high-pressure pump and forces water through small pores to remove a variety of bacteria, chemicals, and minerals. Some may have a few concerns with this type of water because most of the beneficial minerals are removed from it during the process. I do not find this a problem for me because of my balanced diet and vitamin regimen that I have. I enjoy the safety and relief in knowing that my water source is safe and healthy for me.

Thanks, Crista.

Discussion Post #4

Hello fellow classmates and Ms. Maslar,

When we turn on the fossette at our home sink or push the glass in our water spout in the freezer, we are thinking this is the freshest drinking water there is. However, we brush our teeth in the bathroom, but do you drink water out of the bathroom sink? The public water supply can be polluted by things that happen every day in the environment. For instance, things that are hurting our drinking water is the excess nutrient in the water. What causes the excess nutrients in the water is from the over stimulation of nitrogen and phosphorus (Nutrient, 2017). These elements increase over production of nutrients in the water supply such a river and lakes that people depend on for a water source (Nutrient, 2017). With this over production of nutrient, it can be difficult to strain all the nutrients out the water before drinking. Thus, causing potential harm to public health. The municipal water supply is safe to drink if all the filtration process is being followed (Types of Water, 2018). Municipal water is the same term as Tap Water which people hardly drink. I know I drink it at my house, however, I offer my guest bottle water.

Best Regards,

Alison Gomez

Students are expected to: Participate with the required number of relevant postings of required length Post initial response by Saturday; all additional comments posted by Tuesday Support ideas with information from course materials and/or outside sources when appropriate, using APA format Instructors: Enter correct total available points in H5 and scores into ce Introductory Initial post timeliness 0-1 No initial post (0). Provides initial post after Sunday (1). Emergent Practiced 2 3 Provides initial post by Sunday N/A No additional Additional comments (0). Posts Posts one comment Posts 2 comments comments and comments unrelated to related to the discussion related to the engagement the Discussion topic topic. discussion topic. (1). Submission does not Initial relate to the topic Response and/or incomplete Content Quality responses to most topics. Spelling/ Grammar/ Formatting/ Mechanics Significant errors in spelling and/or grammar. Major flaws in writing mechanics and formatting. Length* (applies to Submission does not Discussion meet length Boards with requirements. posted length requirements) Feedback: Answers some question/topics with some clearly stated opinions. Answers all questions with opinions and ideas that are stated clearly. Uses Standard American English with Poor spelling and rare errors and grammar are apparent. misspellings. Minor Does not use APA in-text errors in APA in-text style formatting when style formatting when needed. needed. Includes list of references when citations are used. Only one post meets length requirements and/or initial post does not meet length requirements Initial post and one reply post meet length requirements n appropriate, using APA format for in-text citation and references. e points in H5 and scores into cells in column F. Total available points = Proficient/Mastered Score 4 0-4 Provides an initial post by Saturday. Posts 2 or more comments in response to others that provide thoughtful insight to the topic and frequently attempts to motivate the group discussion. Answers all questions with opinions/ideas creatively and clearly. Supports post using outside sources when appropriate. Consistently uses Standard American English with rare misspellings. Appropriate mechanics and APA intext style formatting when needed. Includes a properly formatted list of references when citations are used. All submissions meet posted length requirements. Weight Final Score 15% 0,00 30% 0,00 40% 0,00 10% 0,00 5% 0,00 100% 0,00 Final Score 0 Percentage #DIV/0!

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Discussion Post



Discussion post 1:
The student acknowledges the important of using new software in collecting data.
According to the student, he has collected data in his current job where they were running a new
software for payroll. The student asserts that testing the new software was crucial to understand
how it works and its challenges. Testing a new software is paramount as it reduces chances of
making big mistakes which can happen when a new software is used and it has some errors
(Green & Thor...

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