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4. The research will be quantitative research because we want to collect actual data from people including their weight, height, eating habits to conduct statistical tests to see if a diet high in fructose is better compared to a diet high in starch and vice versa. The research design will be a survey because it is the best way for us to conduct the research by gathering information in regards to what people are eating without monitoring each individual person and their eating habits. The survey is a good way to compare and contrast what people are eating because each person will be asked the same exact questions which allows us to compare one person from the next, and collect the data of the weight that has been gained and lost according to which diet.

5a. Setting. Describe the setting for the study. Specifically state where your research will take place.

-We will conduct the survey on a college campus and place the survey online for those who are able to take it.

From the document, only 5b-5i need to be answered. Questions 4 and 5a are already answered.

NUTR-C200 Nutritional Science Benedictine University NUTR-C200 Nutritional Science GUIDELINES: Written Proposal for a Hypothetical Research Project Purpose of Modeling a Research Project: This small group assignment provides the opportunity to apply the scientific method. Each small group will submit a written proposal for a short-term experimental research project. The written proposal report is worth 15% (60 points) of your final grade. You have been assigned to a group. Immediately contact other group members and select a topic. Topic Selection: As a group, select a topic area to study. The topic must be nutrition-related. Select your topic and submit to your instructor at for approval by the end of week 1. Do not proceed until the instructor approves your topic. Each group must have a unique topic. Procedures: You will be working on this project throughout the course. Design the project so it doesn’t expose subjects to physical, psychological, economic, social, and legal risks. Explain each of the following components in detail in your group report. Write the report in an organized manner, in the numerical order presented below. You may supplement the report with additional pertinent information. 1. Develop a plan for completing this project. (8 points) Write this plan in the form of an action plan using the following headings and table format. Submit this plan by the end of week 2. The Activity Person Responsible Start Date Completion Date You may add additional columns. You will be working on the rest of the project throughout the course. Identify one person from your group to submit the final document at the end of the course/ Page 1 of 6 NUTR-C200 Nutritional Science Benedictine University 2. Purpose and Literature Review (10 points total) Explain the purpose of your study, incorporating a brief literature review. Find at least four to six peer-reviewed references to support your explanations. (These references must be listed in the bibliography at the end of your paper.) Here is a link describing how to prepare a literature review. (4 points) It is estimated that this section is one full to two pages in length. In addition to the review of literature, explain the following: a. b. c. d. What research question your group plans to study.(1 point) Why your study is important. (2 points) What are the potential benefits? (2 points) Describe who stands to benefit. (1 point) 3. Formulate the research question and null hypothesis* (6 points) a. Research question. The research question must be explicit. b. Null hypothesis*. The null hypothesis states that the intervention will have no effect. The analysis of the results of your study will then prove the hypothesis to be true or false. *Remember that a descriptive study does not test a hypothesis. 4. Identify the type of research and the research design you will use and explain why you selected it. (6 points) Here is a helpful website describing types of research design. 5. Describe your research methodology. Detail all points in each section (16 total points) a. Setting. Describe the setting for the study. Specifically state where your research will take place. b. Population and sample. Describe the target population you are studying and your study sample. How will you select your sample from the population? See this link for information on populations and samples c. Subjects. Describe the criteria for including or rejecting subjects. d. Method of sampling. How will you divide your sample into groups? e. Identify and name the dependent variable(s) and the independent variable(s). f. Identify the information (data) you will need to answer your research question Page 2 of 6 NUTR-C200 Nutritional Science Benedictine University g. List the measurements you will make to acquire the data? h. State the length of the study. That is, how long do you need to run the study to get meaningful results? Give a scientific rationale for study length. i. Describe potential confounding variables. (There is a discussion of confounding variables here. 6. Explain study implementation procedures (6 points) a. Explain how you will recruit subjects, including dates, places, and method. b. Describe how data will be collected. That is, what measurements will you make and how will you verify the accuracy of the measurement and record the data. 7. Reference list (4 points) Your reference list and referencing should follow the correct AMA format. See directions in your journal critique for AMA format. Format of Written Report (4 points): Submit the report in typed format, 12-point font, double-spaced, with 1” margins. Number each page. An unnumbered cover page (page numbers begin on the first page of the paper) should contain your names, the assignment title, the course name and number, and the submission date. Use excellent grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Limit page length to 8 pages, (excluding illustrations, tables, graphics, appendices and reference page) unless you get advance permission from the instructor. This assignment is DUE the last week of this course. Submit “ONE VERSION” of the completed project in the dropbox for your group. Page 3 of 6 NUTR-C200 Nutritional Science Benedictine University Written Proposal for a Hypothetical Research Project Appendix Page 4 of 6 NUTR-C200 Nutritional Science Benedictine University APPENDIX A Written Proposal for a Hypothetical Research Project Some Examples for Illustration These examples correspond to the appropriate numbers and letters in the guidelines. Refer to them for all the criteria. These examples are designed to provide some guidance, but are not intended to be comprehensive of the entire set of the "Written Proposal for Modeling a Research Project" guidelines. 2. Purpose and Literature Review. Examples: a. What - Example #1: You might want to find out if persons with mild hypertension and no medications would lower their blood pressure over 3 weeks time by consuming a low sodium diet. Example #2: You could utilize a survey to examine the relationship/correlation between the number of fruits and vegetables consumes and the frequency of exercise. b. Why - Example #1: Blood pressure is a serious and potentially deadly disease that strikes many Americans (expand more)… Example #2: Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants (expand more)... c. Benefits - Example #1: Lower incidence of stroke and heart disease (expand more)... Example #2: Lower risk of (expand more)... d. Who benefits - Example #1: Individuals with mild high blood pressure or those with a family link to essential hypertension (expand more)… Example #2: Most persons, especially those who are at risk for diseases of (expand more)… 3a. Formulate the research question. Examples: • For experimental research - example #1, in the research question “Will a low sodium diet for 3 weeks lower the blood pressure of 300 individuals with mild hypertension?”, the components are: Type of intervention (independent variable) – “Low sodium diet" Length of intervention – “for 3 weeks” Outcome of interest (dependent variable) – “lower the blood pressure” Subjects – “of 300 individuals with mild hypertension” 3b. Formulate the research question. Examples: • Using example #1, the null hypothesis would state “There is no difference in the blood pressure as a result of consuming a low sodium diet for 3 weeks, in 300 individuals with mild hypertension”. Research Methodology. Examples: Page 5 of 6 NUTR-C200 Nutritional Science Benedictine University b. Population and sample. Example #1: people with mild hypertension. Example #2: healthy subjects age 18 and older c. Subjects. Example #1: must be male, African-American, between 18 - 35 years of age and have a blood pressure of >140/90 and not taking any type of blood pressure medication d. Control group. Example #1: 300 individuals with no hypertension who participate in the intervention; or 300 individuals with mild hypertension who do not participate in the intervention). f. Treatment. j. Design - Example #1, you might choose to use a control group and an experimental group in this analytical quasi-experimental design. k. Information to collect - Example #1: Blood pressure readings and 24-hour diet recalls. 5. Explain actual implementation procedures. Examples: a. Recruitment - Example: method of diet recall questionnaire in work cafeteria where a blood pressure check is being done. d. How collected - Examples of data collection methods: Report semi-weekly to a local clinic for blood pressure readings; report to the Healthy Table for weekly weigh-ins; sign-in at gym; work with/speak to trainers at gym. 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hi, I am experiencing unexpected power outage. So I find it imperative to work on the sections from my tab and post the content here instead of failing a buddy. Here are the answers to the required sections:b. Population and sample: The target population of study include people of all legal ages, races, and religions and living in the United States. The study assumes people to be having varying eating habits and...

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