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  • James Monroe's father was a staunch supporter of the colonists rights. Monroe went to the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virgina, yet dropped out in 1776 to join the Continental Army and battle in the American Revolution. 
  • Monroe was a Staunch Advocate for States' Rights. After the war, Monroe served in the Continental Congress. He unequivocally supported guaranteeing states' rights. Once the US Constitution was proposed to supplant the Articles of Confederation, Monroe served as an agent at the Virginia sanction board. He voted against sanctioning the constitution without the consideration of the Bill of Rights. 
  • Monroe was a Diplomat to France Under Washington. In 1794, President Washington designated James Monroe to be the US pastor to France. While there, he was enter in getting Thomas Paine discharged from jail. He felt that the United States ought to be more steady of France and was reviewed from his post when he didn't completely backing Jay's arrangement with Great Britain. 
  • Monroe Helped Negotiate the Louisiana Purchase. President Thomas Jefferson reviewed Monroe to strategic obligation when he made him a unique emissary to France to help arrange the Louisiana Purchase. After this, he was sent to Great Britain to be the clergyman there from 1803-1807 as an intends to attempt and stop the descending winding in relations that would in the long run end in the War of 1812. 
  • Monroe was the Only Concurrent Secretary of State and War. At the point when James Madison got to be president, he delegated Monroe to be his Secretary of State in 1811. In June, 1812, the US pronounced war on Britain. By 1814, the British had walked on Washington, D.C. Madison chose to name Monroe Secretary of War making him the main individual to hold both posts without a moment's delay. He reinforced the military amid his time and helped realize the end of the war.

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