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  Implements a simple substitution cypher

result = ""

def main():
  keepGoing = True
  while keepGoing:
  response = menu()
  if response == "1":
  plain = raw_input("text to be encoded: ")
  print encode(plain)
  elif response == "2":
  coded = raw_input("code to be decyphered: ")
  print decode(coded)
  elif response == "0":
  print "Thanks for doing secret spy stuff with me."
  keepGoing = False
  print "I don't know what you want to do..."

#Define the menu
def menu():
  #print out the menu
  print ("SECRET DECODER MENU\n\n 0) Quit\n 1) Encode\n 2) Decode\n\nWhat do you want to do?")
  #take in user respose and return it
  userResponse = raw_input()
  return userResponse

#define the encoder
def encode(plain):
  #For loop to find the letters in plain
  for letters in plain:
  #find the same letters in alpha and set as location
  location = letters.find(alpha)
  #find the same location in the key
  result = key[location]

How do I make this work?

Oct 25th, 2013

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