Describe the use of plant hormones?

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Describe the use of plant hormones in commercial crops. Which of these hormones affect fruit ripening?

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So as we know hormones are used to regulate the physiology or function of a plant. Hormones in plants are known as phytohormones. There are several different classes. The first class is the auxins, which can aid in plant growth. The elongate the cells in the plants to grow the roots of the plants and grow fruit. Cytokinins promote cell division in the cell in the presence of auxin. Gibberellins help grow plant by both cell devision AND elongation. Abscisic acid is a plant hormone that can actually INHIBIT the growth of the plant. 

Ethylene a hormone used to ripen fruits. When plants are ready to ripen, they will begin to produce ethylene. Many people in both ancient times and the present have used exogenous ethylene to make plants ripen sooner. Hope this helps! 

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