Master Yoda Problem

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(String) Master Yoda (a character from the Star Wars Movies) always phrases his
sentences by placing the object before the subject and verb.
For example:
Normal sentence: "He is your father!"
Yoda speak: "Your father, he is"
Normal sentence: "You are going to win."
Yoda speak: "Going to win, you are"
- You can assume every normal sentence ends with punctuation.
- Punctuation conversion is needed.
- Case conversion is a plus

Write a complete program with the following function to translate to Yoda speak:
string YodaSpeak( string input )
//Purpose: "Translate" the input string into Yoda Speak
//Pre: input is a string with words only.
// The subject and the verb are 1 word each.
// The rest can be multiple words.
//Post: Return a string with the Subject and Verb moved to the
// end of the string.

Aug 27th, 2013

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Jun 14th, 2015

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