Large gap beneath photosets (plugin & infinite scroll affected?)

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I am using the plugin PXU Photoset Extended and thought my upcoming public theme (still a WIP) was finally coming through after I implemented infinite scroll (the posts on the first page remain intact). However, after loading the second page and so forth, each photoset has an enormous gap underneath it. If I don't use infinite scroll, even the first page contains these gaps. When I resize my window or 'Inspect Element,' all the posts position themselves to as they should. It's so weird and rather irritating (I've had this problem for a week now).

I looked for answers and I tried my best to figure out the problem myself, but I am at a complete loss. 

Can anyone check the problem out and help me with fixes? - pass: ashdee222

Thank you so much.

I am using Chrome (testing on IE & Firefox) on Windows Vista, 1400 x 900 (if that helps at all).

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