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For your final draft, your essay should be 1,500-2,500 words. Your draft should include the following:

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  • A creative or original title that indicates what the paper will be about.
  • An introduction that begins with a general hook and ends with a thesis.
  • A thesis in bold that makes a clear argument about the topic.
  • 3-6 body paragraphs that have topic sentences which clearly relate back to the thesis.
  • 4-6 quotes integrated from credible and current sources. These quotes should be highlighted green💚 . Review "Quoting Sources Using MLA" for proper integration techniques.
  • A minimum of 15 words/phrases from "Templates and Transitions" and/or "Making Moves with Sources." Highlight these yellow💛 .
  • At least one counterargument and refutation. Highlight this/these blue💙 . Review the "Counterargument & Refutation" lecture for more help with this.
  • A concluding paragraph.
  • A properly formatted Works Cited page with 4-6 sources cited. Review the "Creating a Works Cited Page" tutorial for more help with this.

Please review the Research Paper Guidelines before submitting your final draft.

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Matti 1 Sandra Matti Professor Sarah Martin English 120 2 Dec 2018 Word count: 1086 Internet Addiction In this 21st century, technology has taken over and brought about a global revolution. Each day, people come up with innovations to ease both communication and way of doing things. The economy has been a significant beneficiary in this since manufacturing and production have been made easy. Many sectors such as agriculture have also greatly benefited through mechanization of farm activities which has not only reduced the time taken doing various farm activities but also led to increased levels of production. Globalization has come about through advancements in technology. Communication has thus been made easy, and information can now be passed through from one individual to another in split seconds. Even though the numerous advantages' technology has brought about, it has also led to addiction in games, social media, and the internet. Research conducted by Dr. Alter reveals that 40% of people have some particular kind of internet addiction ranging from social media, email or pornography. Technology has become ubiquitous both in private lives and in workplaces; therefore, people have generally resulted in becoming so dependent on it. It is crucial that we discover how people and technology interact typically in society. Matti 2 With the numerous disadvantages that technology has brought about in the society, many scholars have risen to educate the general public on the effects of addiction to technology. According to Cash et al. (2013), the use of social media has led to Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) thus causing psychological disturbances, neurological complications, and social problems. A research conducted on in America and Europe reveals a disturbing statistic with 1.5% to 8.5% of the people exhibiting Internet Addiction Disorder (Weinstein A, and Lejoyeux M 2010). Internet disorders cause massive impacts to the affected individuals, but there is hope since the condition can be treated through epidemiology diagnostics (Petersen et al. 2009). A research conducted on 200 university students (88 male and 112 female) reveals internet addiction as one of the most prevalent forms of addiction (Kassiani et al. 2018). This ranges from the use of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, among other social media platforms. The research revealed that 48% of the total respondents were always connected to the internet. This could lead to addiction since the users may have developed relationships with people on the social media platforms thus making them still attached for fear of missing out. 18% of the 200 students interviewed revealed that they could not live without the internet since their lives would be in vain (Kassiani et al. 2018). People have so much developed a dependency on the internet to the extent that some do not believe that there is any reason for living if the internet was taken away from them. Social media is useful especially in the sharing of information and forming symbiotic relationships; modality should, however, be exercised to ensure that people do not get addicted thus lowering their productivity potential especially among the young generation. Computer games are some of the prevalent issues in society, especially among the youths and children. Games could turn out to be addictive especially among the young generation if their Matti 3 gaming is not monitored. In the 5th edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), internet disorder has been identified in section III that requires further research. According to the American Psychiatric Association, the disease is mostly linked to the male gender. Gaming is a form of behavioral addiction that makes individuals obsessed with the playing of video and internet games (James et al. 2017). According to James, gaming addiction is one of the behavioral disorders that requires a more heterogeneity approach to understanding the issue. The youth and children form an integral part of the society since they help in securing the future of the nation and the continuity of the human race. For higher productivity, it is crucial that more research is conducted to cab this form of addiction and ensure that the young generation does not waste up to their most productive age glued up in games. Gambling is also a rising issue as many people are now beginning to take part in online gambling platforms all due to the internet. Gambling on online sites is a real behavioral disorder that requires prompt solutions. Internet addiction is a global concern as scholars try to contemplate the future of the coming generation as technology becomes more and more ubiquitous. However, all lost is not lost since behavioral disorder could be treated through; multimodal treatments, restart the program, psychological and non-psychological approaches (Cash et al. 2012). A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) could also be utilized since it involves changing beliefs associated with trigger anxiety. Internet addiction is a severe problem, especially in adolescents. Researchers reveal that 0.8% of adolescents in France (Poli and Agrimi 2012) and 8.8% of the adolescents in China (Xu J et al. 2012) are addicted to the internet. Internet addiction is a severe problem in China, and the nation declared Internet addiction as an official behavioral disorder in 2008 (Barkoviak 2012). Internet Matti 4 addiction has been linked to social demographic factors mainly affecting the young, the male gender and those coming from families with higher income. Internet addiction could have severe health impacts. Just like any other form of addiction, withdrawal from the internet could have withdrawal effects which include, anxiety, depression, loneliness, neuroticism, and impulsivity (Kuss et al. 2016). Internet addiction is a real menace to the society that affects most of the adolescents and youths in their most vulnerable ages which they are most productive. Addiction to technology could hinder the youth from realizing their full potential. Once the adolescents become so emotionally attached to the various internet sources such as social media and games, they could waste a lot of time which they ought to be studying and realizing their goals. Technology is right since it leads to increased levels of production in society and creates effectiveness in many sectors in the economy. The negative impacts of technology are also numerous and outweigh the benefits. It has created such a high dependency that some of the people in the society would end with death if they were entirely denied access to the internet. I strongly refute that there could be any benefit emanating from the indiscriminate use of technology in society. Internet addiction is a real problem to society and warrants immediate action to hinder it from becoming a menace to society since it affects the most critical part of the community (the youth). Matti 5 References Kuss, D. J., & Lopez-Fernandez, O. (2016). Internet addiction and problematic Internet use: A systematic review of clinical research. World Journal of Psychiatry, 6(1), 143-76. doi:10.5498/wjp.v6.i1.143 Kassiani, K., Evanthia, P., Rafailia-Iro, V., George, A. M., Nikolaos, B., & Dimitrios, T. (2018). A Study about Internet Addiction of University Students, Journal of Educational and Social Research, 8(1), 27-32. doi: Poli R, Agrimi E (2012). Internet addiction disorder: prevalence in an Italian student population. Nord J Psychiatry.;66:55–59. American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) Arlington, VA: American Psychiatric Association; 2013 Xu J, Shen LX, Yan CH, Hu H, Yang F, Wang L, Kotha SR, Zhang LN, Liao XP, Zhang J, et al. (2012). Personal characteristics related to the risk of adolescent internet addiction: a survey in Shanghai, China. BMC Public Health.;12:1106. Matti 6 James, R., & Tunney, R. J. (2017). The relationship between gaming disorder and addiction requires a behavioral analysis. Journal of behavioral addictions, 6(3), 306-309. Barkoviak M (2012). China makes Internet addiction an official disorder. Daily Tech. Retrieved 3rd December 2018 from Cash, H., Rae, C. D., Steel, A. H., & Winkler, A. (2012). Internet Addiction: A Brief Summary of Research and Practice. Current psychiatry reviews, 8(4), 292-298. ...
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Word count: 1862
Technological-driven addiction and it impact on the youths
According to (Cash et al., 293) during this era of the 21st century, technology has been
the order of the day since a considerable proportion the existing populace have ostensibly turned
their gaze towards the aspects of technology. These masses have become extensively dependent
on technologically advanced mechanisms which influence the essence of their lives. These
individuals argue that the facet of technology enables the realization of a global revolution. The
aspect which manifests itself through the mannerism whereby people on each come up with
innovations geared towards ascertaining that both methodologies of communication along with
the prospect of carrying out responsibilities become eased. It is worth to agree which the
contention that the economy has been a significant beneficiary of the possible actualizations
brought about by the advancements in the technological fraternity. Such instances become a
reality during stances whereby manufacturing along with production has been made easy. Some
other prominent sectors, for example, agriculture has also significantly benefited through
mechanization of farm activities. These occurrences enabled the involved stakeholders to realize
favorable seasonal returns being that the technological-affiliated circumstances have not only

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reduced the time taken doing various farm activities but also led to increased levels of production
which is somehow more desirable for the agricultural industry. Better still Globalization is
another field which has benefited in entirety as a result of the actualization of the technologicaldriven advancements. The communication frontier has thus been made relatively flexible
because during these periods information can now be passed through from one individual to
another in split seconds regardless of the actual location of the communicating parties.
Nonetheless, Irrespective of the numerous advantages which the aspect of technology has
made manifest I disagree with the statement that technological improvements have contributed
big-time towards the prosperity of individuals around the globe. It also comes along with quite a
baggage of setbacks which to many has been a thorn on the flesh. Such is the reality as a
reasonable probability of addictions in undertakings like games, social media, and the internet
experience blaming all because of the newly developed technologies. In line with the research
performed by Dr. Alter reveals that 40% of people have some particular kind of internet
addiction ranging from social media, email or pornography. Wi...

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