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Select any four questions of your choice listed below. Make sure you answer all parts of the question. Each response should be at minimum two-three pages per answer. I encourage you to use the internet to supplement your answers

1.Define the concepts of “New Imperialism” and “colonialism” and analyze them in terms of motives, their methods, and their place in the development of the world economy? How was this new imperialism different from the previous European expansion?

2. Discuss the causes of the First World War from a European perspective and what events led the United States to intervene in the conflict? What was the impact of the war on the world?

3. Discuss the significance of the Paris Peace Conference. Who were the key individuals at that conference and what were their expectations? What was Wilson’s vision for “ the new world order?

4. What were the causes and significance of the Russian Revolution? What was the political and economic situation in Russia for the first five years after the Bolsheviks seized power?

5. Discuss the Stalinist Revolution and what was Stalin’s strategy for achieving rapid industrialization, collectivization of agriculture and the use of terror?

6. Discuss the causes and consequences of the Depression? Why were Mussolini and Hitler able to gain power and engage in territorial expansion with such ease prior to 1939?

7. When World War II ended, European states still held vast empires. Discuss the process and challenges of decolonization and nation building in the Middle East and Southeast Asia?

8. What factors led to the emergence of a popular independence movement in India, and why did this movement lead to the establishment of two states, India and Pakistan, rather than to a single India?

9. Discuss the causes and the consequences of the Cold War? What led to the collapse of the Soviet Union?

10. What will be the major sources of conflict in the first decade of the twenty-first century? In your estimation is there a solution to these global issues and how?

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History Questions
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Question 2
Causes of the First World War

World war one was fought from 1914 to 1918. The war which began mainly as European
affair quickly spread to other parts of the world with the countries outside Europe such as the
USA joining the war later in 1917 (Verheyen, 2018). Some of the causes of the war according to
the Eurocentric view include the system of alliances which is a form of formal agreement
between different European countries. Numerous alliances had been formed in Europe between
1879 to 1914. In this alliances, countries pledged military support in the event of an attack in any
of the member countries. Countries worked hard in building their military hardware so as to
counteract any threats of war and impending danger. For example, Germany and AustriaHungary formed the dual alliance to protect themselves from Russia in 1879. While in 1914,
Britain Russia and France formed the triple entente promising military support to any of the three
members of the alliance if attacked. In the triple alliance, Germany Italy and Austria- Hungary
came together to declare unwavering support for each other.
European imperialism is also considered by the Eurocentric scholars as one of the factors
that triggered world war one. Colonialism refers to the situation where a country occupies a land
of another country and subject it under its rule. At the time of the outbreak of World War I, many
western European powers had established their control in Africa and Asia, what was termed as a
scramble and portioning (Jackson, 2018). With the industrial revolution which had taken place in
Western Europe, countries that had experienced industrial revolution wanted a new market for
the processed goods for their industries. There was a problem during the scramble and
partitioning leading to the calling of the Berlin conference to settle the disputes. However, many
countries still felt unsatisfied with the outcome of the Berlin conference where they saw Britain



and France having the largest share. Therefore, when World War I broke out due to the
discussion, countries like Germany and Italy took it as an excellent opportunity to revenge
against the British and France.
Militarism. The industrial revolution made European countries to amass a lot of wealth
which they used to build their armies. After enormous success in the growth of industries and
getting new colonies in Africa, Europeans then turned their effort to establish colonial empires, a
dream that could only be realized when there was an active military by their countries. By 1910,
many European countries had stockpiled military arsenals and were ready to test their strength in
the war, and this was a way of testing the efficiency of their military arsenals.
USA entry into the war
The USA remained silent on the conflict and did not join the fight until 1917. The
underlining reasons why the Americans did not enter the war for close to four years is because it
saw the war as a European affair and therefore did not want to interfere. Another reason is that
the American government feared a revolt of its citizens of the German descent in case it joined
the war on the side of triple entente (Jackson, 2018). America also had trading relationships with
both sid...

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Tutor went the extra mile to help me with this essay. Citations were a bit shaky but I appreciated how well he handled APA styles and how ok he was to change them even though I didnt specify. Got a B+ which is believable and acceptable.

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