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In this assignment, you will write a standard of behavior for corrections personnel at a prison to follow when interacting with inmates.

  • Include 10 elements in your standard.
  • Describe the ethical reasoning behind each standard.
  • Give an example of corresponding unethical behavior that would break each element of the standard.
Nov 23rd, 2017

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Jun 14th, 2015

Despite formal policing prohibiting familiarity between offenders and prison staff
employees, infractions occur that range from “serious” (e.g., love affairs) to
“unserious” (e.g., giving or receiving candy or soft drinks to/from an inmate). Contemporary
prisons are no longer sex segregated, and female security officers work
in male institutions. This situation allows for different types of inappropriate
staff–inmate relationships to occur. Worley et al.39 found three types of “turners”—
offenders identified as developing inappropriate relationships with staff
1. Heart breakers. They seek to form an emotional bond with the staff members,
which can even lead to marriage; they generally act alone, and may spend
several months courting a staff member.
2. Exploiters. They use an employee as a means for obtaining contraband or
fun and excitement; they usually act with the help of other inmates, are very
manipulative, and likely to use a “lever” (intimidation) on prison employees.

3. Hell-raisers. These inmates engage in a unique kind of psychological warfare,
and simply want to cause trouble and create hell for the prison system. They
often have long histories of personal involvement, and form relationships as a
way to create problems or disruptions. They thrive on putting staff members
into situations where their jobs are compromised, and enjoy the notoriety that
follows their relationship being exposed. They focus on staff members (e.g.,
secretaries; trustees have even become involved with staff members’ spouses),
and not security officers.

Jun 14th, 2015

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Nov 23rd, 2017
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