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write in Spanish about your childhood: Where you were born? How long you live at that city? Did you have friends? What did you do daily? What games you and your friends played? What fun activities did you and your family did?

10 senetence (write in spanish and english too)

aka i was born in memphis tn and i still live here

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My name is Ashley and i was born in Canada in a city called Ottawa. I have lived in the city for twenty years now since i was born. My daily routine is that i go wake up realy every morning, take a shower, then my breakfast ready to go to school. I leave my home at around 7am. Then from school when i come back i do my homework after homework i go to play with freind, then late evening i go back to the house take my supper and sleep. Yes i had friends both home and schoolv whom i used to play with. We used to play football at school, then at home we would play hide and seek in the neighbour. The fun activities we did with my family was to go for swimming together and we would swim out till late. 

Mi nombre es Ashley y yo nació en Canadá en una ciudad llamada Ottawa. He vivido en la ciudad durante veinte años desde que nací. Mi rutina diaria es que voy despertar realmente cada mañana, tomar una ducha, entonces mi desayuno listo para ir a la escuela. Salgo de mi casa alrededor de las 7 am. Luego de la escuela cuando vuelvo hago mi tarea después de la tarea que vaya a jugar con amigo, a continuación, la última tarde vuelvo a la casa a tomar mi cena y dormir. Sí tuve amigos tanto en casa como schoolv quien solía jugar. Solíamos jugar al fútbol en la escuela, y luego en casa jugábamos a las escondidas en el vecino. Las actividades divertidas que hicimos con mi familia era ir para nadar juntos y nos gustaría nadar hasta tarde.

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