what are the 2 types of solids and their properties?

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There are two types of solids.

1 : - Crystalline solids                    2 : - Amorphous solids

Crystalline solids :  - 

Crystalline solids posses these basic properties :

i) They have geometrical shape.

ii) They have 2-D arrangements of particles of high order.

iii) These are bounded to faces or planes.

iv) Crystal planes intersect at a specific angle.

v) They have sharp boiling point and melting point.

Example : - Diamond

Amorphous solids : - 

Amorphous solids posses these basic properties :

i) Particles are randomly arranged in these solids.

ii) They don't posses sharp melting point.

iii) These solids are formed due to spontaneous cooling of liquid.

iv) they have a wide range of melting point.

Example : - Plastic, Rubber

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