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DETAILS: For this assignment, you will work to assess a case study that relates to problems or issues with project procurement management. Your job will be to put on your sleuth hat, grab the magnifying glass, and closely examine the scenario. You will be asked to think critically and draw upon your insights, experience, knowledge to give your perspective on the situation. This requires careful thought, independent research, and application of your knowledge. Case studies are based upon real world scenarios and give you an opportunity to step into the shoes of those who lived through them.

REQUIRED ACTIONS (Individual Assignment):

  • Please chose one of the case studies below (Case Study #1 or Case Study #2) and use the questions listed below as guidelines for developing a holistic response. Treat your submission as though you reviewed the case and have generated a thorough report on the situation - CSI Style. approximately 900 words.
  • When developing your response, address the questions holistically rather than individually. These questions are only guidelines and should provide inspiration and a minimum baseline of the ideas you should cover but not limit you in your thinking or reply.
  • Use proper APA style guidelines for a paper in Purdue's OWL under the "general formatting " guidelines. The paper should be neat, easy to read without spelling or grammar errors. Include title page and references. No separate abstract required, instead incorporate a synopsis into your paper (see questions below for more details)
  • Cite at least two references other than the required or optional readings/videos. Don't forget to use in-text citations and a reference citation at the end. Proper APA style is required. Please consult Purdue's Online Writing Lab (OWL) website or your APA guide to assist you. See: OWL APA Style Guide for assistance.

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▪ CASE #2: In 2011, New York City’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, acknowledged that City Hall had mismanaged its major IT projects and vowed to improve their oversight. He even said that city administrators would not oppose legislation requiring them to alert the City Council when projects ran into serious problems. These statements were made at a Council hearing called in response to reports of troubled technology projects. For example, prosecutors said the $700 million price tag for the CityTime payroll system was inflated by fraud, and the mayor demanded $600 million back from the main contractor. The automated personnel system, Nycaps, suffered significant delays and cost overruns due to leadership issues, increasing from an original estimate of $66 million to over $363 million. Caswell F. Holloway, the deputy mayor for operations, testified at the hearing that the administration had begun an overhaul of how it manages complex technology projects. He said it would seek more use of off-the-shelf software and avoid paying consultants by the hour when it could specify completion of key deliverables for payment. He also said the city would stop letting individual agencies negotiate their own contracts and bring in the city’s Law Department and the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services to negotiate IT contracts worth more than $5 million. “Other speakers at the hearing said that much of what Mr. Holloway was promising to do was already written into city policy, to little effect. Henry Garrido, research director for District Council 37, the municipal worker’s union, said a standard clause in the city’s IT contracts allowed the city to sue contractors for damages. ‘But the city doesn't exercise it,’ he said.” (Source: IT Project Management,7 ed., by Kathy Schwalbe, 2014.) ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ QUESTIONS TO USE AS A BASIS FOR YOUR RESPONSE (Answer all) Please reply holistically as though you are reporting on the situation after having carefully reviewed it. Your response should be thorough, demonstrate critical thinking, and be supported by independent research including properlycited references. These questions are only guides, inspiration and a minimum starting point, so use your problem-solving abilities, resourcefulness, and creativity to formulate your response: In your response, give a synopsis of the situation as you see it - what is happening, what are the details of the case, etc - these are just suggested items, so think beyond these. Do NOT just repeat what the case study states. Don't lose track of the topic of this course - project procurement management. Make sure your response ties back to this topic. What are the primary problems, issues, risks, or other parameters that seem to be the focus of the case. Relate your knowledge from this program, your experience, and research you do for this assignment to the situation and address what may have been done incorrectly or poorly AND what could be improved for the future. What recommendations would you make? Make sure you thoroughly examine the case and present all findings along with support for your recommendations including at least TWO references properly-cited.
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Following the implementation of the IT projects in New York City, taxpayers
experienced a massive loss of revenue. The high costs of IT could not be controlled despite
forming the primary objective of the project, which was to reduce the expenses incurred in the
implementation of the IT project. The administration of the Bloomberg has been called for a
hearing process and respond to allegations of inflating the city council project budget. The users
raised more security concern since the inflated IT projects have been found to be improperly
managed to lead to a faulty management information system (Fitrios, 2016). The faulty
management of the system is a security concern. Every level of the project implemented by the
process resulted in cost overruns and was found to have been implemented with frauds. The
operational efficiency and business process have been degraded. The site of the IT project where
it was intended to be useful is now difficult for the current workers and retirees to access and be
included in the system. The implementation of the system such as the City Time projects and
NYCAPS have been found to be ...

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