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1. The primary reason that unions and environmentalists clash is the false dichotomy of jobs or a clean environment. (T/F) 2. The9/11 Victims compensation found (zadruga Bill) is an example of OSH legislation that had strong bipartisan (both Democratic and Republicans) support. (T/F) 3. Pressure to conform to a certain body image can be a health hazard to people working in which industry? a. manufacturing b. entertainment. c. technology 4. The tripartite approach to occupational safety and health includes: a. Employers, unions and government b. Labor/Management committees, employer associations and arbitration boards c. Safety culture, regulations, corporate social responsibility 5. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) a positive safety culture in a work environment must include: a. Communication, commitment and trust b. Zero tolerance for unsafe mistakes c. Rigorous safety training for employees and a behavior monitoring system 6. One-way environmental hazards and occupational safety and health hazards are linked: a. Hazards in the community and in the workplace are regulated by the same governmental agency b. hazards are controlled by the same method in the workplace and in the community 7. This is likely to increase as the rate of unemployment grows: a. Stress b. Productivity demands c. Both of above 8. Emotional labor occurs when there is a gap between the way front line staff feel and the emotions that management requests them to display to their customers. (T/F) 9. In the article "Globalization and Occupational Health: A Perspective from Southern Africa "Loewenson holds that globalization usually benefits: a. Industrialized countries with strong economies b. Poor countries with weak economies 10. Which economic approach would be most likely to oppose sweatshops? a. Free market b. Institutional 11. The occupational safety and health hazard of __________emerges when the demands of a job exceed the resources a worker has to do the job. a. CTE b. Stress c. Precarious work 12. One reason blue-green coalitions are more sustainable than in the past is growing concern about degradation of the environment. (T/F) 13. A growing percentage of work in the 21st Century will demand critical thinking skills and good interpersonal skills. (T/F) 14. Sending employees to a class on relaxation techniques to reduce stress is an example of a: a. Primary prevention measure b. Secondary prevention measure 15. Which is an example of employing the precautionary principle? a. Requiring the use of a respirator when using a chemical that is suspected of causing lung disease b. Establishing scientific certainty that a chemical causes lung disease, then requiring the use of a respirator 16. Which occupation is most at risk for workplace violence? a. Corporate executives b. Retail c. Financial institutions 17. Critical incident stress would most likely be of concern to: a. An agricultural worker b. A First respondent c. A physician d. A football player 18. Increased globalization has resulted in: a. Growth of the informal economy b. Shrinking of the informal economy 19. The International Labor Organization (ILO)can apply pressure to countries to comply with its conventions and standards, but it does not have the power to enforce them. (T/F) 20. The ILO's(International Labor Organization) strategy for protecting worker health and safety in a global economy includes(1)labor legislation,(2)the right kb organize and join an union and: a. Slowing down the growth of the global economy b. Adopting international labor standards c. Imposing tariffs on countries with poor health and safety records 21. Which is not a role of unions: a. Provide information to workers about their rights. b. Monitor the safety behavior of workers to determine if they are following work rules。 c. Initiate the enactment of protective laws and regulations. 22. "Blue-green alliance "refers to a partnership between the Democratic party and the Green Party. (T/F) 23. Informal employment is work that is designed by workers in cooperation with the employer. (T/F) 24. Globalization is the integration of cultural, economic and political systems (T/F) 25. Although BP has paid out billions of dollars to settle claims for the Gulf Oil disaster, no criminal charges were brought. (T/F) 26. Some U.S. unions have negotiated protections against bullying for inclusion in Collective Bargaining Agreements. (T/F) 27. Temporary or contract employment is: a. A form of flexible work b. Decreasing as globalization increases c. Covered by labor laws 28. Sexual harassment of student interns is not a problem because they are not real employees. (T/F) 29. Which statement about CTE is true? a. CTE has only been observed in retired professional football players. b. Although concern about CTE is recent, the disease has been recognized since the 19th century. c. OCTE can cause behavioral changes and has been linked to the suicide deaths of retired pro football players. 30. First enacted in California, the Coogan La protects child actors from economic exploitation. (T/F) 31. The “manufacture of doubt “refers to: a. An advertising strategy to increase online sales b. A strategy used to prevent health and safety regulation c. A program that encourages workers in the manufacturing sector to quickly report problems that could result an injury 32. Occupational Health Psychology is a relatively new field of research and practice. (T/F) 33. While short-lived or infrequent episodes of stress can be beneficial, unresolved stress over longer periods of time are not. (T/F) 34. Unpredictable scheduling negatively impacts workers at both the lower and higher ends of the labor market, although in different ways (T/F) 35. One criticism of behavioral-based safety programs is: a. Providing education and training is a financial burden on employers b. The responsibility for safety is shifted from the employer to employees, who have little control over work policies and procedures c. It is not possible for workers to change ingrained behaviors 36. A worker who is the target of bullying should keep a detailed written record of incidents including dates, times, location. witnesses. and what was said or done. (T/F) 37. BP oil spill clean-up workers were made ill by exposure to: a. Heat and sun b. Crude oil c. The dispersant Corexit d. All of the above 38. A supervisor tells an employee that she will get a better work schedule if they go to the bar after work. This is an example of: a. A hostile work environment b. Quid-pro-quo harassment

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