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1 Student Name: Abdullah Almansour Course: SCED 304 Date: 12/08/2018 Topic: Technology and Protect students In the case study of Kairouan Primary School, the school has continued to portray a good reputation in various ways such as in methods it improvises in handling its disciplinary cases. With such a high reputation and moral standards, the school has continued to enjoy this aspect mainly because of its ability to incorporate technology in most all of its school activities. In the region, the school was the first to incorporate the use of technology and since then, the school has continued to have a high number of students with a total of three hundred students. Apart from the use of technology, Kairouan Primary school continued to enjoy high qualified and professional teachers that begin from its head teacher, Mr. Ahmed, where all have a vision of ensuring that the school is one of the best schools in the city. This can be supported by the fact that parents and students are always satisfied with the schools’ operations and how they are often running. The vision of bettering the school and its environment, the school decided to enjoin disabled student and let them mingle with regular students. However, despite the bigger picture that the school administration intended to achieve, the school has experienced some challenges as a result of this move. First, students have repeatedly reported cases of stealing as well as 2 violence. After some investigation, it was identified that most students and teachers did not favor the strategy since the teachers did not have the required expertise necessary to handle disabled students and regular student in the same class. As a result, it was deemed necessary by the investigating committee to have the school fitted with security cameras in crucial areas such as the hallways, cafeteria and other public areas. However, in relation to classes, the committee did not find it necessary and wanted the disabled students to have ample time and not feel like they were being watched since this would limit their interaction. However, the principal did not find the strategy as the most appropriate since he believed that the problem would fade away with time, but the administration did not concur with his argument and said that the strategy was very necessary. Bob, a blind student, went to the bathroom after a mathematics class and on returning to class, he heard some noise that came from the class and it was strange since in most cases students never hang around in class during break time. Later that day, Bob realized that he had lost ten dollars and reported the issue to the teacher feeling angry and victimized. Bob narrated how he heard two voices in class during break time and identified them as Fuse and Alex and stated that they were the culprits of the crime. When the issue was received by the administration, they demanded that the perpetrators bring themselves in, but none of the students were willing to confess. 3 As a result, the administration had to go back to the security cameras and it was very evident that Fuse and Alex were the only students that were present at the said time of the crime. However, Fuse and Alex confessed that they had not stolen any cash and claimed that the security camera video was not proof enough to victimize them. As a result, the administration had to reimburse Bob ten dollars and decided not to punish Fuse and Alex. Now the issue arose when Alex went home, and his mother realized that he had some cash with him. After inquiry, Alex claimed that he had been given the money by his teacher but never went into details to explain as to why the teacher had to give him money. As a result, his mother called the school to inquire on the issue and find out the reason as to why her son received the ten dollars. She was shocked to realize that what Alex had told her was a total lie. As a result, she demanded that he return the cash back and apologize to Bob. As a result, there are various ethical issues that will often arise due to such situations. They include: 1. If you were the principal of the school, who would you punish? 2. If you were Alex’s mother would you punish your child? And what kind of punishment would you give him? 3. Do you think she punished her son for what he deserved? 4 4. If Alex stole money when he was with Fuse and he did not confess, would we say that he is part of the incident and he deserved punishment? 5. What kind of effect will security cameras in classrooms have on students? 6. Which are some of the solutions within ethical and social context you would recommend both the school and the parents take in order to mitigate the behavior of students who engage in promiscuous acts in school? As a result, to tackle this ethical issue there are various key factors that need to be considered by both Alex’s mother as well as the principal of the school. It is will be noted that some students will often accuse others or do some actions that cause other people to end up in harm. According to my personal code of ethics, If I were the principal I would not punish Fuse or Alex. Just because the two students were accused of stealing the ten dollars, it did not mean that they were actually the thieves. It is only on the basis of strong evidence that could have assisted the principal to punish Fuse and Alex. However, after the principal received a report from Alex’s mother that Alex had ten dollars which he was not gifted by any of his teacher or fellow classmate, it was clear that Alex is one of the suspects of stealing Bob’s money. Alex could likely able to reveal who he was with and from that point the principal would be able to punish the suspects. 5 In relation to Alex’s mother, before punishing, it is important to first understand why he lied and let him understand the consequences of telling lies. If I find out that he had stolen the money, then I would punish Alex because of engaging in a promiscuous behavior which if I let him go without being punished he will not be able to clearly understand that he made a mistake. But once I punish him, he will be able to practically realize that he committed a wrong act by stealing the money. If I find out that Alex had stolen the money I as his mother would give him a punishment of taking away his IPAD as my mother did with me when I was child when I had forgot my phone at a restaurant. I would revoke either an IPAD or a favorite toy or both and then hide them somewhere until Alex forgot about the situation. When Alex asks me about his things, he would then look for his IPAD and he would not be able to find it. Alex will (would) ask me about the whereabouts of his IPAD, but I will tell him that it was stolen. He will then cry or become sad for a while and he will not be in the mood of talking to anyone because I will let him know that it will take me a while to buy him other IPAD because I am held up with some more important issues and that he will have to bear with the situation for the meantime. After an hour, I would show Alex his IPAD, as my mother did with me when I forgot my phone. I will then ask him how he felt, and he will definitely explain that he was so sad. Finally, I will let him know that that is how Bob felt when he stole his 10 dollars. I will ask him to return the money to the 6 principal the following day for the principal to give Bob and make sure that Alex has apologized both to the administration, Bob, and the principal. Although Alex’s mother did give him the punishment he deserved, she could have first inquired where Alex got the money, because he may not even have stolen the money from her perspective. Then, from that point she could have known whether to punish Alex or not. If it is true that Alex and Fuse were together when the money was stolen and that the footage seen from the cameras confirms this, and that Alex and Fuse refused to confess, then it can be concluded that Fuse was also in the crime and he deserved punishment. To conclude the matter, it is good to assess the circumstances under which Fuse found himself in the scene of the crime and what transpired that he was not willing to disclose the crime matter along with his colleague Alex for him to be punished.) Although the administration did not exactly find out who stole Bob’s money, it was able to get the suspects who were kept under investigation for the matter to be sought out. This was of good help because investigations were able to be done more quickly. Installing cameras helped in ensuring that there were no disruptions and waste of time in the learning process as the administration could have been forced to take quite some time in interrogating every student. The parents and the school can use disapproval method as a good idea to correct the students who are found engaging in promiscuous acts. For example, when a student comes home 7 with a pen that does not belong to him or her, parents can rebuke the student by immediately letting them know that this behavior is unacceptable. As a Parent, one can also talk with her child by trying to find out the main reason as to why the child is stealing, finding out what could have motivated the child to steal, try to find if this is the first time your child is stealing, or it is something that has been happening to the child. In this case, do not ridicule, berate scare or embarrass your child. If this happens, it can lead to the end of the conversation and the parent does not receive any information. It is essential for parents and teachers to know that as guardians of a child, it is their obligation to instill discipline, moral values, and the required ethics. They should ensure that a child caught taking other person property knows that it is wrong and severe consequences will follow and that it can even affect the child’s relationship with other children and also affect the family reputation. Parents at home should ensure that when their children bring home new stuff, their children should account for it and ensure that it is not stolen property. On the other hand, in schools, teachers should ensure that the student’s property is safe among other children in the school vicinity. The children should be taught how to handle other people’s property to avoid destruction as well as teaching the children of how to handle property which doesn’t belong to them. For example, take the lost and found stuff to the lost and found shelves. This ensures discipline and harmony among the children. 8 In case of damages, teachers should ensure that the child that supposedly damaged the property is guilty of the damage with enough evidence so that if the parent is asked to pay for the damages, it will be a fair and just allegation. Similarly, in case a child was caught having stolen another child’s property, a teachers’ reaction should be stern that the child doesn’t steal again and that whatever was stolen is returned and if there is a law regarding theft for example “in case a child is caught having stolen, they should repay double the material as a punishment” then it is the work of a teacher to ensure that the repayment has been done (Gray & Smith, 2007). There are various factors that may drive a child to steal and this is appearing to be a habit with children and teens. It is essential for parents to seek the help of therapist or doctor in order to clearly identify the cause of the behavior. The parents can also monitor the behavior of the child regularly. As a parent one need to avoid certain situations which may bring desire to steal, as such a parent may determine the logical effects of stealing. There are rampant cases of stealing and shoplifting among teen which in most case is intentional, this may result to one suffering from kleptomania. It is a rare disorder found in small number of people who can have the tendency of stealing. Kleptomania disorder begins with the feeling of curiosity, then one carrying out the action. The person feels satisfied and after a while get the eager to steal again. The person feels guilty of his or her actions the person may end up having other compulsion disorder such as eating or observe compulsive disorders (Ramage, Bean & Johnson, n.d.). Regardless of the reason that may cause of child to steal, it is important of the parents to emotionally attach themselves to the child’s actions. It is the duty of the parents to nurture their in a way that the child avoids the desire to steal. Parents need to be comfortable with the fact that 9 those kids who steal normally do it once; therefore, it is the role of the parent to ensure that stealing does not become habit. Work Cited Gray, D., & Smith, A. Case studies in 21st century school administration. Gray, D., & Smith, A. (2007). Case studies in 21st century school administration. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications. Ramage, J., Bean, J., & Johnson, J. Writing arguments. FINAL Case Study Scoring Tool Criterion Points Narrative Criterion – 100 points Complex, distinct & abstract ethical challenge 30 Logically cohesive narrative Integrated technology component 30 15 Writing Mechanics (spelling, grammar, academic language, length) 25 Narrative Total 100 Presentation Criterion – 75 points Presentation Clearly stated issue & ethical case with progressive flow of events Simple clear language Clear & concise background narrative Inclusion of technology & impact on case 10 5 5 5 Discussion Guidance (not domination) of a lively discussion with a complete debate Clear open ended questions Discussion involves interaction with audience and meaningful counterarguments. Course of Action Clear decision making process Logical reasoning for decision Discussion of each involved person/institution’s viewpoint on decision Connection to OWN code of ethics Connection to resources & information to use in case Presentation Total 10 5 10 5 5 5 5 5 75 Analysis Criterion - 100 points Central Ethical Challenge Key Considerations 15 15 Course of Action & Reasoning 20 Ethical Approaches – Connection to at least two approaches or theories (5 points each) Connection to Personal Code of Ethics 20 Connection to In-Class Discussion 10 Writing Mechanics (spelling, grammar, academic language, length) 10 100 Analysis Total 10 Bibliography Criterion – 5 points for each resource Resource #1 In-text citations Proper APA format Proper annotation Resource #2 2 1 2 In-text citations Proper APA format Proper annotation Resource #3 2 1 2 In-text citations Proper APA format Proper annotation Resource #4 2 1 2 In-text citations Proper APA format Proper annotation Resource #5 2 1 2 In-text citations Proper APA format Proper annotation 2 1 2 25 Bibliography Total Case Study Comments: FINAL GRADE 300 ...
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Student Name: Abdullah Almansour
Course: SCED 304
Date: 12/08/2018
Topic: Technology and Students’ Safety
In the case study of KairouanPrimary School, the school has continued to showcase a
good reputation in various ways. The school has reported a great improvement in the methods of
handling disciplinary cases. The good morals and reputation in Karirouan have been made
possible by the incorporation of technology in almost all of its activities.

Being the first school to incorporate technology in the region, Karirouan has received a
high number of students reaching a total of three hundred. Apart from the use of technology,
Kairouan Primary school has a highly qualified and professional teaching staff. Led by their head
teacher, Mr Ahmed, the school’s vision is to become one of the best schools in the city. The
students together with the parents have continued towards ensuring that the school's operations
run smoothly with the aim of achieving its goals.

To attain its vision, the school has opted to admit disabled students and allow them to
interact with regular students. However, in its process of achieving its goal, the school has been
met by a lot of challenges. The school has received several cases of theft and violence among the
students. After some investigation, it was identified that most of the students and teachers were


opposed to the idea of combining disabled students with regular students. The reason behind this
was that the teachers did not have adequate expertise to handle regular students and disabled
students in the same class.

As a result, it was deemed necessary by the investigating committee to have the school
fitted with security cameras in crucial areas such as the hallways, cafeteria and other public
spaces. However, the committee opposed this idea claiming that disabled students had a right to
privacy and did not have to feel like they were being watched. The committee further added that
disabled students ought to interact with regular students freely without restrictions. Although the
principal did not find this strategy appropriate, the administration supported it claiming that it
was the best strategy to be improvised. The principle had hoped that the challenges were not
significant and that they would fade away with time.

On a particular occasion, a student named Bob returned to class from the bathroom and
noticed an unusual incidence. As he approached the classes, he heard his fellow students making
noise which was uncommon because students were usually in the class by that time. Later that
day, Bob realised that he had lost ten dollars and reported the issue to the teacher ...

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