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I hope you can help me to make this essay better. Need a clear counterargument. This essay is about the the movie Monster Inc.

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1. An introduction that provides context on the topic, eases the reader into your essay and has a “hook” that grabs people’s attention 2. A thesis statement or controlling idea that takes a stand 3. Transitional topic sentences that are clear, provocative, and develop your thesis and provide unity in your essay 4. Body paragraphs that help prove your argument 5. Plenty of support from the texts: Remember you must have a minimum of 4 quotes of evidence from the topic you choose (PARAPHRASING DOES NOT COUNT AS A QUOTE) 1. For each quote, please use the direct model 2. Some analysis of all your supporting examples 3. A conclusion that offers some ideas about what can be done about the situation 4. Strong sentences that are both grammatically correct and sophisticated 5. Use proper MLA formatting, in-text citations, and Works Cited entries. NOT having proper MLA citations will result in a 0/100 on the assignment. The chart shows where need to improve. Alternative Monster Comically distorted creatures have been in use in literature to depict the features of monsters. Ranges of cognitive and perceptual factors based on the illustrator’s creativity have been used to the extent that people think creatures like monsters exist. The creatures that audiences recognize also have been modeled with their features altered to just make them scary. This alteration ignites individuals perception of monstrous features. Surprisingly, it is based on the brain’s normal functioning with regards to how it handles stimuli with the common feature of the brain in the sense that they need to keep human beings safe. This paper aims to illustrate how signs have been used with regards to contemporary culture about perceiving these signs. Since this grotesque are built on personal perception there is a possibility of altering them. This leads to the thesis of this article that the success of Monster Inc. is that the director has subverted the public’s perception of monsters by depicting a friendly, intelligent blue monster-Sulley. According to Klosterman of the New York Times, the society’s imagination about monsters has been classified in the personifications that people fear. This is because creatures like zombies and vampires have been associated with a disease like rabies as a symbol to create a relationship. This creativity stimulates fear which turns out to be the success that the illustrator in turning these creatures into ideas. Monster inc.’s success has borrowed this skill by using symbols to illustrate that monsters can be good. Arthur, the author of Signs In Contemporary Culture, in his article states that “signs in contemporary culture is personal” (Berger 8). People’s perceptions on these characters are based on culture in general. The argument that “this universe is perfused with signs, is it is not composed exclusively of signs” by Charles Sanders is true. This has been a success as those illustrators then understand the signs and how these signs functions. Despite the common understanding of society about how monsters are bad and scary, in this movie audiences can find that Sulley is a good monster. The perceptions that monsters are bad or scary is subdued because Sulley is perceived as a monster but a monster with human qualities. He successfully drives audiences to believe that even though Sulley is a monster, he should not be classified as a monster in the scary sense. The use of signs like emotions of Sulley as depicted in their case with Mike and Boo. As in the climax of the movie, Sulley found Boo at the risk of a blizzard and went through a fierce fight with the villains to help the little girl return to her home. His ability to use signs has enabled him to explore more interesting signs hence winning audiences’ attention by revealing signs. People fear of the dark, snakes, worms, and grubs among others, however, this does not make audiences avoid watching movies associated with these creatures. The reason is that audiences are daring, all in the aim of proving that they do not fear whereas watching these movies triggers a nightmare. The argument that “it is impossible to separate the signifier and the signified”(Berger 10) plays a role in this. It is important that people understand what words mean with respect to their respective signs. While building certain habits of creatures trigger people to generalize how they expect them to behave. Monster Inc.’s success has been attributed to the director’s ability to effectively use these signs to alter audiences’ attitude. Monsters are depicted to hold a lot of emotional power in contrary to human’s expectations. The instance where Sulley gets hold of Boo alters people’s attitudes towards how monsters can treat humans in a friendly manner. Sulley’s features and character has as illustrated has been used to enhance and alter people's understanding about monsters. The happy nature of Sulley builds a common perception that even monsters can smile. However much this contradicts to audiences’ expectations they are made to believe that they can be good. The extent to which people are afraid of monsters naturally is eliminated and makes audiences feel that they should build a closer relationship with them hence the director successfully fulfills his desire. “One has to learn what words mean and what signs mean” (Berger 10). The meaning of words can easily be understood, unlike signs. By understanding our ability to interpret the author of this movie has successfully used illustrations to for us to interpret. The use of laughter rather than screams in Monster, Inc. made Boo conquer her fear for the monsters. When Sulley, Mike, and Boo were running away from Randall, when Boo laughed some doors were activated, this makes them realize that laughter was a more powerful tool. When Boo became afraid all the doors became deactivated as a sign of how fear was more powerful. Through this illustration, people can conclude that their understanding of the signs rather than the words would positively influence their actions and attitudes. Laughter opened doors and gave them the opportunity to escape while fear made trapped them. Laughter gives people an opportunity to enhance their understanding. According to Stephen King, “love, loyalty, kindness, and friendships that we should applaud” (King). He argues that when human beings exhibit these emotions the society will shower them with positive reinforcement. The way the concept of honor is the approach in this movie has made it easier to interpret. Sulley challenges audiences’ view of monsters stating it is by due to fear that people run away from them. When Boo was about to die, she was no longer afraid of Randall and so she attacks him. The honor of overcoming fear is a reward is that human beings feel empowered and not even screams can scare them away. People’s fear for the monster will have been countered. When the city faces fuel shortage, the monsters that inhabit the city are scared. “The reason for the shortage is that the children were not scared of the monsters anymore” (Klosterman). King argues that people should not drop these anticivilization emotions since they are essential for constant exercise. To conclude, to be able to successfully subvert the public perception of the monster several intelligent models have to be used. In this case, countering fear for the monster, differentiating what words means with respect to signs, and understanding signs with respect to attitude. It is everybody’s expectation that people show a sane civilization that respects others whereas people should not drop their anticivilization qualities since they are essential. Works Cited Berger, Arthur Asa. Signs In Contemporary Culture. Salem, Wis: Sheffield Publishing Co, 1999. Print. Cohen, Jeffrey Jerome. “Monster Culture (Seven Theses).” Readings for Analytical Writing, Third Edition. Ed. Christine Farris, et al. New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2011. 68–86. Print King, Stephen. why crave for horror movies n. pag. Web. Klosterman, Huckf. "New York Times." My Zombie, Myself: Why Modern Life Feels Rather Undead (2010): n. pag. Print. ...
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Monster’s Inc. Movie
It is not a secret that the world of monsters is more advanced in terms of technology
compared to our world. This is because there is mastering of dimensional travel and the energy
needs in the monsters world are met by the resonance of the screaming or laughter of a child. In
comics, creatures with distorted features are used to illustrate monsters. The creativity of the
illustrator is what is used to make the cognitive and perception of human in believing that there
is the existence of monsters. The monsters have altered features that makes them scary and this
flares up the perception of monsters being in existence. The perception of monsters is based on
the normal functioning of the brain in addition to how stimuli are handled by the brain to ensure
that human beings are safe. This paper will illustrate how signs have been used with regards to
the contemporary culture of perceiving the signs. This is because the surreal perception is based
on the alterations that are made by the illustrator. The success of the movie Monster Inc. is based
on the director’s ability to challenge the perception of the viewers and create a monster with
good characters in addition to being intelligent and friendly.
Monster’s Inc. mainly portrays the situation about evil vs good in both m...

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