1983 Cadillac Coupe Deville fuel pump not working / electrical issues

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A relative of mine brought to me an 1983 Cadillac Coupe DeVille for a simple repair like fixing the headlights, because they died and only the position lights were working. I figured out that the headlight switch on the left on the dash was dead.
With the Help of a multimeter and a detailed diagram of the electrical wiring. i managed to identify the wires, especially the hot at all times wire, and the ones responsible for lighting the instrument panel, position lights and the wire that runs through the hi/low beam switch in the steering column. I also replaced one burned (white) wire that goes from the door switch to the connector that goes into the door light switch.
I figured that when the headlight switch died it somehow sizzled that wire away. After the replacement of the wire the courtesy lights and dome lights started to work properly, I also managed to adapt an old Czechoslovakian Skoda switch to turn the lights on and off. Because it is hard to get genuine GM American car parts in Europe and especially in Poland because American cars are quite rare over here.
Now comes the fun part. The engine won't start. The Starter turns the engine, the spark is there, but there is no fuel coming from the fuel pump, as if there was no electricity reaching it. I checked the relays, all fuses and nothing happens. I've spent in this car already 5 full days trying to figure it out. I even managed to find somehow a detailed diagram of the electrical wiring sadly for a 1984 seville but it's quite similar to the original. Is there somewhere an inertia switch? or something that can affect the fuel pump?

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