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Read this five chapter book. I have included the link to the e-book below. I have attached the instruction sheet as well, follow it exactly as it writes. This is not a classic formal MLA or APA essay with a minimum page count, it is answering various questions with minimum word counts for each questions. The total word count adds up to roughly 2725 words.

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1 MSCH-A315 Final assignment (Individual assignment) Due on December 12, Wednesday, by 1 pm ONLY online Canvas submission needed. (No need for hard copies!). This is an individual assignment, and it is worth 200 points (20% of the grade). SCENARIO Dr. Lianne Yu, the author of the book Consumption in China, is an independent anthropologist and consumer insights strategist. Here is how she describes herself on her website: I bring 18 years of experience in strategy + consumer insights to my work as a freelance consultant. My clients are typically product teams in Fortunate 500 companies looking for unique, culturally embedded, and nuanced understandings to shape their strategies. I’ve worked extensively in areas including artificial intelligence, mobile tech, social media, health and wellness, education, and entertainment. Consumer audiences I have worked with include bleeding edge tech users, basketball players, teen fashionistas, senior citizens, people living on less than a dollar a day, and Louisiana bayou fishermen. My clients have included: Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Under Armour, Nickelodeon, Motorola, eBay, Coursera, Kohler, and the CDC. Dr. Lu has been asked to write a new book on China, one that focuses on the period 2013 to the present. She plans to travel to China this coming summer, and she wants to spend the time from now until May preparing for her trip. She throws herself neck deep into all her projects. She has been given generous funds by numerous grateful clients to conduct her research. Dr. Lu has decided to hire a research assistant, who will help her find and summarize academic research on China—on a wide variety of topics, including culture, marketing, business, politics, and economics. Her research assistant will also accompany her to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzen, and Guangdong on an all-expenses paid trip along with a salary. All Dr. Lu’s assistants have found excellent positions at one of her clients’ companies. She is known to have very high expectations, but she is also a generous recommender when assistants have demonstrated intelligence, enthusiasm, discipline, reliability, dependability, good cheer, and a strong ethical compass. She values your integrity and honesty. Dr. Lu has reached out to several reputable universities to find an assistant. You heard about the position and have decided to apply. Please find attached the application form. **Be sure to check your writing before you submit—your writing must be strong, clear, and free of grammatical errors. 2 APPLICATION FOR RESEARCH ASSISTANT POSITION Name: My new book takes off from the year 2013 because my last book was published in that year. It is very important that my assistant understands and is able to demonstrate close familiarity with my last book Consumption in China. 1. What is this book about? (75 words). 2. Please provide short summaries of each chapter (100 words for each chapter summary). Create subheadings for each chapter and present this information in an organized and systematic way. 3. If I asked you to share with me any five insights/information from the book that you found most interesting, what would they be? Please list the five items in an orderly fashion. Do not give me a chunky paragraph that shows lack of organization. (250 words) Background for article research My research assistant has to know how to do very good academic research. They will need to have familiarity with academic research databases and understand what rigorous research entails. Please find THREE academic articles on China—topics can be related to culture, society, economics, marketing, business, luxury consumption, trade, etc. These articles have to come from respectable and well-known journals hosted at university libraries and they should be published in the period 2013 to 2018. Typically, these articles are quite long and range from 15 to 20 pages in length. Check on the article quality with your professor! These three articles should be connected with and relevant to my last book. After you locate these articles, please explain why you picked each one—how do these emerge from your familiarity with what I covered in the book—and then summarize each article. Demonstrate that you have read the article thoroughly. 3 DO NOT CUT AND PASTE ARTICLE ABSTRACT of article here. This is called plagiarism, a serious offense and I will simply report this to the university. 4. Article #1 (Explanation and summary), 400 words: Why do you think this article will be useful to me? How will it help my new book project? 5. Article #2 (Explanation and summary), 400 words: Why do you think this article will be useful to me? How will it help my new book project? 6. Article #3 (Explanation and summary), 400 words: Why do you think this article will be useful to me? How will it help my new book project? 7. What is your eventual career goal? How do you think this research assistantship can help you build on your professional profile as a step towards achieving this goal? (200 words) 4 8. What are your strengths as a potential candidate for this position? What personality traits, values, skills and knowledge can you bring to this position? (250 words) 9. What are your weaknesses as a potential candidate for this position? Be genuine and show how you want to improve here. I think of myself as a mentor to assistants, not just a top-down boss. Good mentoring is only possible when mentees are honest. (250 words)
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