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Word problem for math picture included, I have been stumped on this probelm for a while now I can’t seem to figure out what exactly the answer is! Help appreciated !!

If you need a more clear picture please let me know and I can attempt to provide a better one or write out the question

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ta content attribution ras Question 6 CONTENT FEEDBACK A passenger jet can fly 1,290 miles in 3 hours with a tailwind but only 1,230 miles in 3 hours into a headwind. Find the speed of the jet in still air and the speed of the wind. Provide your answer below: speed in still air: | 120 mph headwind: 20 mph Content attribution Question 7 Determine which of the following ordered triples satisfies the given system of equations. CONTENT FEEDBACK M 1 V 1 4x – 2y – z= 1 111 у = х — 5
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It is the formatted answer (nothing new in it). docx and pdf files are identical.
again problems with uplo...

This is great! Exactly what I wanted.


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