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In Unit V, you picked a periphery or semi-periphery nation and began researching a social problem(s) being faced in the nation along with solutions to that problem. SPECIAL NOTE: I HAVE ATTACHED THIS TO THE FILES!!!!!!!!!!!

In Unit VII, you are going to write a Problem-Solution Research Paper (at least four pages long) analyzing some of the social issues and struggles being faced by the nation in the periphery or semi-periphery region and present solutions to these issues. You will be incorporating important course concepts into your research paper as well, such as globalization, importance of geography, and sustainability. The material from the Unit V essay can be used in your Unit VII Problem-Solution Paper. You can, but are not required to, use section headings in the final paper.

Problem-Solution Research Paper Instructions & RequirementsCheck List

Your paper is required to address the following:

  1. Introduction of Problem: Introduce the country you are presenting and the major social issue (economic, political, environmental, political, war, poverty, etc.). Include a description of the nation’s background, geography, demographics, and other important details about the nation that are important for your presentation of the problem. Present details about the social issue being faced in the nation. You can present more than one issue. This section should contain research you found on the issue and your own analysis. Make sure to include who the problem impacts and the seriousness of the issue. You want to convey to the reader why it is a problem. Present your thesis or main argument in the introduction.
  2. Solutions: Research and present solutions to help the nation you have chosen to research. You are required to discuss in depth at least 3 possible solutions/suggestions to help the nation address the issue. This section should contain research you found on the solutions and your own analysis. Discuss the following: why it is the best solution, who is involved in implementing the solution, and the potential positive and negative impact of implementing the proposed solution(s). At least one solution is required to contain the concept of sustainability in some capacity. (Note: You can look up sustainability in the textbook glossary which shows where in the textbook sustainability has been discussed. This will provide ideas on how sustainability fits into your suggested solutions).
  3. Conclusion: Make certain to include the following: Summary of what was discussed and any final thoughts. You can talk about how the issue impacts the future, why there is a need for future research, or propose a call to action
It is required that you apply the term globalization in your paper in some capacity. Discuss how globalization or inter-connectedness relates to the country’s background, the issue, or the solution. This discussion could involve concepts discussed in the textbook like the impact of colonialization, imperialism, technology, environment, immigration/migration, Westernization, terrorism, geopolitics, trade, military, etc. In other words, you must incorporate globalization into your project in some capacity. You can view pp. 51,175, 238, and/or 279 for examples of how globalization impacts nations.
It is required that you incorporate the importance of geography in some capacity in your paper. It can be part of the country background, problem, or solution.
Your paper should be written in APA style with a minimum of four pages (not including the title and reference pages). You may include images, graphs, and/or maps in an appendix if you wish, but they do not count towards the four pages of written content that is required.
Source Requirement: Your paper must contain research you have gathered from a minimum of three scholarly sources (not including the textbook). Sources can be from reputable news or magazine sources, organizational or governmental websites, or peer reviewed journal sources.

Textbook: Knox, P. L., & Marston, S. A. (2016). Human geography: Places and regions in global context (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.


Running head: DEVELOPING NATION PROBLEM-SOLUTION Developing Nation Problem-Solution Columbia Southern University SOC 2010 Developing Nation Problem-Solution 1 Developing Nation Problem-Solution 2 Semi peripheral regions are described by Knox & Marston (2016) as “able to exploit peripheral regions but are themselves exploited and dominated by core regions. They consist of countries that were once peripheral” (Knox & Marston, 2016, p. 43). These are countries that are disadvantaged either through their own doing like environmental, political, civil war etc., or just due to geographical location. Though these countries For the purpose of this research, the country I focus is Mexico. “Mexico, country of southern North America and the third largest country in Latin America” (site). Mexico is divided into 31 states and offers tremendous cultural diversity throughout. Problems Mexico faces many issues. The largest of these are war on drugs/cartels, corruption, and bad governing. Yet also faces poverty, unemployment, crime, and conflict. For the purpose of the research this will be the main focus. As these drive yet weaken the economy. This finds many of the citizens of Mexico in poverty while others in power or drugs/cartel become elites of society. Mexico’s drug and cartel problem leads to the trickle down effect on the before mentioned issues. Thus meaning the cartels has taken power and corrupting the government over drugs. As it was in the beginning the cartels have networked to gains footholds in all areas and maintain power. This leads to a corruption of the government and thus the bad governing. This governing is more concerned with the corruption of becoming wealthy than truly caring and looking out for the entire countries citizens, which leads to yet another issue faced by Mexico, poverty. Solution Developing Nation Problem-Solution 3 Previous and current efforts to improve Mexico’s otherwise hostile war on drugs, cartels, and corruption administrations have utilized the Mexican military. This effort is futile until the beginning of many solutions can be implemented. The first key in solving this will be to ensure a professional military and police force, that is cut the corruption and ensure these forces are clear of swaying into cartel pockets or persuasion. “A central platform of his proposed solution is to take the counter narcotics function out of the hands of the military—which he argues has not only been ineffective but counterproductive—and return it to a law enforcement structure that is “clean,” transparent and trusted.” (Chalk, 2013). To this end, the government has pledged to create an entirely new paramilitary unit that is equipped and authorized to reestablish security across the country. The next step is to reform the legal system and then to attack the sources of deviance. Another source of solution is a stronger unified task force utilizing the USA and Canada. This would be a globalization or inter-connectedness standpoint. Globalization is defined as “the process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology.” (What Is Globalization, 2017) Communication, integration, and technological aid will be the key in helping between the Core countries to this semi peripheral country. These countries are willing to send a helping hand, have capable resources, and suffer the consequences of the drugs being run into their nations. Conclusion In conclusion, Mexico has a long road to recovery and success. There are many issues that act as a domino effect upon one another. The relatively poor masses of Mexico deserve a change and help from the vicious cycles the country has fallen ill to. It is up to the Mexican government and respectively the nations surrounding to solve these issue. Change will be slow, Developing Nation Problem-Solution 4 daunting, and ultimately not come welcomed by the cartels. The lending hand from the USA and Canada will be crucial, as well as the purification and willingness to purify their own system. Reference Developing Nation Problem-Solution 5 Bernstein, M. D., Meyer, M. C., Parkes, H. B., Cline, H. F., Palerm, A., & Willey, G. R. (2018, November 23). Mexico. Retrieved November 30, 2018, from Chalk, P. (2013, May). Mexico’s New Strategy to Combat Drug Cartels: Evaluating the National Gendarmerie. Retrieved November 29, 2018, from Knox, P. L., & Marston, S. A. (2016). Human geography: Places and regions in global context (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson. Sansez, A., PhD. (2107, February 2). What are the biggest problems facing Mexico? Retrieved November 30, 2018, from What Is Globalization? (2017). Retrieved November 30, 2018, from

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