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Final Project - Global Issue Paper

The Final Project integrates concepts of service in the global community and related governance issues. For your final project topic, you should review the Application Assignments for Weeks 2–5 and select one type of global issue on which to focus (democratization, human rights, environmental issues, or health issues). The global issue you select for your Final Project should be a specific issue falling under one of the larger categories of global issues. For example, disaster relief or water pollution would fall under environmental issues.

Main Global Issue-Environmental Issues

Specific Environmental Issue-Water Pollution

Your Global Issue Paper must be presented as a 6–8 page paper (not including title page or reference page), double-spaced and APA formatted with references.

Final Project Guidelines:

  • Provide a rationale for the global issue you selected and explain why the issue is important. Identify five international organizations that might address the issue you selected.
  • Select one IGO and one NGO from the five international organizations that you identified. Your selection should reflect one IGO and one NGO that you think effectively address the issue you selected.
  • Research the IGO and the NGO you selected and provide a detailed description of the services they provide. Explain strategies the IGO and the NGO might use to address the global issue you selected.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of strategies used by the IGO and NGO you selected to address the global issue.
  • Explain factors (e.g., political, environmental) that might impact the way in which the IGO and NGO operate to address the selected global issue.
  • Explain how the global issue interrelates with at least two other global issues covered in the course.
  • Based on your research and the information provided to you throughout the course, assess overall effectiveness of IGOs and NGOs in addressing and diminishing issues in the global community.


International Organizations: The Politics and Processes of Global Governance - 3RD 15
by: Karns, Margaret P.

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Running head: GLOBAL ISSUES


Global Issues


Specific Environmental Issue-Water Pollution
Rationale for the global issue

Water, which covers over two thirds of earth’s surface, is the most important resource
on earth, and is the essence of life on the planet. This resource is useful for habitation by fish
and other wildlife, and is used by humans in agriculture, cooking, bathing, and drinking.
However, human activities are slowly reducing the quality of water through release of toxic
substances from factories and farms, and as a result, causing water pollution. Due to its
universal solvent nature, water is very vulnerable to pollution, because these toxics readily
dissolve into it, thus causing water pollution. Water pollution often results from pathogens
from human and animal waste, chemicals from irrigation and factories, and organic matter
from plant nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. This contaminated water is difficult
and costly to decontaminate, while in some cases it’s impossible to do so. Polluted water
negatively impacts the quality of life of water habitants.
Water pollution is a human problem today because it increased with recent
developments of the 19th century industrial revolution. Prior to the revolution, people lived in
harmony with water sources, but since global industrialization, water pollution has grown to
an extent of threatening life on planet earth (Margaret P. Karns, 2009).
Water pollution occurs when various harmful substances build up in water, thus
causing problems to people and animals (Org, 2018). Even though water sources such as
lakes, oceans, and rivers can naturally clean up some of these pollutants by dispensing them,
some of these pollutants are being released at high volumes, thus presenting real problems.
According to a water pollution report released by WHO in 2016, at least 9% of the world
population (663 million people) are unable to access safe drinking water (Pam Anderson,



2018). Sewage disposal is the main cause of this problem because these disposals lead to
immediate effects on people by causing water related illnesses.
Organizations addressing Water Pollution
Several organizations have been active in resolving water pollution challenges
through water conservation efforts which entail preventing pollution, as well as cleaning up
polluted water resources.
1. United Nations (UN).UN actively coordinates with other international organizations in
working on water sanitation. UN has over 30 organizations which specifically focus on water
and sanitation programs. UN ...

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