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Provide responses to each post using a minimum of 100 words. In your peer replies, you are encouraged to challenge responses to promote critical thinking on all sides of a discussion.

HS305: Research Methods for Health Science


The pros and cons to data mining are really pretty simple. The pro is gaining new information. it doesn’t matter if you are trying to gain more information to build a business improve a business or research something for health care gaining information is always good. The con to data mining is the information can be twisted and released in a way that can be incorrect depending on who it is that found it. A great example of this would be in a business setting. Lets use redwing boots for this example. (disclaimer I do not in any way work for or affiliate with redwing this is a fictional example) lets say that they are collecting data on the highest selling boots and the lowest to better improve production and see if they can increase profits. They collect the data and the man presenting it simply shows the boots that have increased as one of the boots that has decreased is hit favorite boot. Obviously I do not think this would happen at redwing but that would be a horrible mistake for the company. When information is mined it needs to be laid out in simple easy facts for all to see. That is the pro and hole point of information to make a better and smarter decision for whatever you are attempting to do.



Data mining is the process of analyzing raw data using a computer and extracting their meaning (ȚĂRANU, 2015). With the use of data mining in the healthcare field, organizations are able to rapidly interpret information and determine useful patterns in patients. Computer systems used in data mining can be very useful to control human limitations such as subjectivity and error due to fatigue and to provide guidance to decision-making processes (ȚĂRANU, 2015). This greatly helps doctors in their decision making when diagnosing and treating their patients. It helps identify things such as prevalence of diseases and their most effective cure or treatment. Data mining outside of the healthcare field is mainly used by businesses to spot patterns in consumers and advertise products or services to them. Data mining can help detect purchasing trends and so business can help concentrate marketing efforts in a specific area. Some common data mining technique examples are regression and association learning. This is where companies like Facebook and Amazon can detect shopping or search patterns of people and then try and predict what products the consumer might be interested in. Advertisements will then be on their websites that match the consumer’s search history. That is why when many users log into Facebook or Amazon, they see advertisements for what they searched for in a different search engine like Google or Yahoo. Netflix also uses data mining when analyzing your viewing patterns and recommending you new movies or shows. Some pros to data mining are: predictive analysis, lower costs and improved revenue, enforcing government regulation, and creating awareness (Kulkarni, 2018). Cons of data mining include: privacy and security risks, initial cost of setting up data mining technology, and mining incorrect information.

Overall, I believe data mining was meant to improve customer satisfaction but, there are instances where data mining can go wrong. The case I read on was about a teenaged female Target customer. It was actually quite funny to me. So, the teenaged girl apparently was pregnant and had not yet told her parents about it (Reddy, 2014). She went to Target and bought some products that Target’s data mining system had identified as frequently purchased by pregnant women (lotions, ointment). When she purchased the products with her Target credit card, the system tracked her information such as name and address. Some days later, Target had sent coupons for discounts on cribs and baby products to the house where she lived her parents, revealing the pregnancy to them. The father was understandably upset about the situation with his daughter. The data mining system worked but it definitely has a “stalker” factor that can reveal unwanted information to unsuspecting parents.


HS415: Environmental Health


As we have been finding out in this class, environmental problems are a very real problem that the world is facing. However, I also feel some people can tend to go overboard with a knee jerk reaction as we talked about in seminar the other night. It is important to have people in the government, or as leaders of nations, that are aware of the problems, but also very aware of solutions. In an article I read, the former president had some very valid points. However, part of the solution is all the countries coming together in an international agreement to limit carbon emissions. (Lagos, R., Khadloya, T., & Eppel, S., 2009) We have seen that environmental problems lead to many health problems such as an increase in asthma, lung and liver problems, as well as even causing death. (EPA, 2017 / WHO, n.d.) Some of his ideas to solutions are planting trees and looking towards a future of energy being produced by solar, wind, and biomass. (Lagos, R., Khadloya, T., & Eppel, S., 2009) I believe that part of the problem is monetary values, we see it everyday in all circumstances and situations. People are greedy, and countries who are making money off of big industries may not want to look at the benefits of protecting the environment if it cuts monetary sources down.



Environmental problems are very real. Politics are increasingly being used to address environmental issues. More and more environmental issues are reaching the political agenda and it is true that it has been used for political gain and monetary reasons, but the fact remains that it's real. We are all surrounded by the environment in our daily lives. We are all at risks of soil, air, and water pollutions along with many other pollutions out here. That includes humans, wildlife, plants, and water creatures. Current and past environmental issues cause climate changes, environmental degradation, public health issues, damage to vegetation, and animals who thrive in it.

Students are expected to: Participate with the required number of relevant postings of required length Post initial response by Saturday; all additional comments posted by Tuesday Support ideas with information from course materials and/or outside sources when appropriate, using APA format Instructors: Enter correct total available points in H5 and scores into ce Introductory Initial post timeliness 0-1 No initial post (0). Provides initial post after Sunday (1). Emergent Practiced 2 3 Provides initial post by Sunday N/A No additional Additional comments (0). Posts Posts one comment Posts 2 comments comments and comments unrelated to related to the discussion related to the engagement the Discussion topic topic. discussion topic. (1). Submission does not Initial relate to the topic Response and/or incomplete Content Quality responses to most topics. Spelling/ Grammar/ Formatting/ Mechanics Significant errors in spelling and/or grammar. Major flaws in writing mechanics and formatting. Length* (applies to Submission does not Discussion meet length Boards with requirements. posted length requirements) Feedback: Answers some question/topics with some clearly stated opinions. Answers all questions with opinions and ideas that are stated clearly. Uses Standard American English with Poor spelling and rare errors and grammar are apparent. misspellings. Minor Does not use APA in-text errors in APA in-text style formatting when style formatting when needed. needed. Includes list of references when citations are used. Only one post meets length requirements and/or initial post does not meet length requirements Initial post and one reply post meet length requirements n appropriate, using APA format for in-text citation and references. e points in H5 and scores into cells in column F. Total available points = Proficient/Mastered Score 4 0-4 Provides an initial post by Saturday. Posts 2 or more comments in response to others that provide thoughtful insight to the topic and frequently attempts to motivate the group discussion. Answers all questions with opinions/ideas creatively and clearly. Supports post using outside sources when appropriate. Consistently uses Standard American English with rare misspellings. Appropriate mechanics and APA intext style formatting when needed. Includes a properly formatted list of references when citations are used. All submissions meet posted length requirements. Weight Final Score 15% 0,00 30% 0,00 40% 0,00 10% 0,00 5% 0,00 100% 0,00 Final Score 0 Percentage #DIV/0!

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Research methods for health science
Discussion one
Data mining has been vital as a method to research information. It is beneficial
because of the advantage of availing new information to the researchers. The knowledge
gained thus, help the researchers to improve the quality of their study. However, data mining
is also subjected to many other disadvantages besides the many advantages it has. A
significant problem is the alteration of the information got from data mining. The researchers
may opt to change the information to suit their needs (Jin, 2018). The result of the act will be
the presentation of misleading information which may be very ...

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