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Purpose of Education the Perspective of Project-Based Learning Methods of Private School in Western Saudi Arabia)

final report write-up (the rationale, research question(s), methods, findings, and reflection) must synthesize the analysis of

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purpose of education the perspective of teacher of using project-based learning methods of private school in west Saudi Arabia

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It is believed that knowledge can only be acquired through extensive learning in classes through the intervention of an instructor. This has not proven to bear many results due to high exposure to stress imposed on the learner. Home works and a lot of workload in memorizing for the purpose of passing the exam has been the main goals of many parents with high expectation from their children. This mode of learning has been overtaken by the new learning approach that has proven to yield a better result where the learners are happy same with their parent. In this interview, I will focus on answering questions related to project-based learning. What is the role of education in your view an elementary teacher who use projectbased learning approaches in Saudi Arabia? The objective of project-based learning in the education is to enhance deeper knowledge to the student that is acquired through practice and interactive approach. The learners are exposed to research method and investigation to find a solution to a problem through the help of an expert. Through small groups, the student is able to interact and discuss to find the potential result. It is an education system that involves active learning where students take a lengthy period exploring on a subject through research and are able to answer complex questions and challenges. Unlike the paper-based approach, project-based learning enables the student to solve problems depending on what they know and have interacted with. What is your experience in the area of project-based learning of private school in west Saudi Arabia? In project-based learning education approach is highly based on the goal to ensure that student can relate with the real world experiences. Therefore in order to achieve the expected result, the trainer must be well equipped with relevant knowledge and experience in the field in order to deliver what the student can relate with. For the student to be successful in this system, it calls for the hard work of the trainer to prepare ahead for the training and enhanced good interaction with the students. PBL has helped majority of elementary learner in learning on how to solve problems on their own. They develop critical thinking skills and technical skills on how to solve simple and complex problems. Also, the trainer must be in a position to understand his student behavior for the purpose of motivating them during the learning period. Project-based learning increases teachers’ satisfaction due to high interaction and the level of knowledge imparted to students in the process of learning. How has the incorporation of Project-based Learning affected the educational progress of learners in Saudi Arabia? Project-based learning enhances motivation to students and this enables the lecturer to meet their teaching needs. In the 21st century, many students are able to learn on their own through interaction with technological tools unlike intending daily classes to be guided by their lecturers. It enhances student academic performance and strategy development in their academic life. Students’ perception in the classroom is improved due to the level of interaction with other students and lecturers. Project-based learning has an economic effect since it promotes the education that meets the market requirement, unlike the tradition based learning. With PBL new knowledge is acquired which enables the learners to solve complex problems that relate with their environment. PBL focuses on exploration and discovery which enables the student to have deeper knowledge and understanding. This is reflected in their good performance and good grades in the school. The approach to PBL education enhances student performance. The students who are not in a position to score above average are able to with PBL system. The system relates to the real world situations that enable the students to relate well to the prevailing circumstances in the environment. What are the advantages of integrating project-based learning in the Saudi Arabian educational systems? Project-based learning is a powerful tool that enhances student’s engagement in class project management and enhances self-confidence. The research shows that PBL enhances student improvement in class performance, attendance and more engaged in class as they learn. Enable the trainer to build a strong relationship with the students as they facilitate in the learning process. The method encourages the student to learn from one another as through positive interaction and collaboration. This makes the student remain more focused; learn new ideas as they learn from their colleagues. The students learn how to resolve conflicts among them and also create a stronger relationship with the community in the process of learning. Students develop problem-solving skills including issues in the community also they learning from failures. Through PBL students develop creative skills that enable them to be more innovative which help them to design and develop a new product in the projects. Without having to memorize like in paper-based, students get deeper applicable knowledge in their research work which enables them to develop content that can be used in a daily application. In PBL, student gain self-confidence which help them in a positive performance and can interact positively with the group members due to gained self-esteem. Students develop critical thinking to solve problems through critical approaches asking questions and coming up with the best solution. Students learn the patient of working through a project. In this even when the project does not yield the right result, students develop persistence until they get the best result or outcome for the project. Students develop skills of how to manage a big project in a more accurate and successful way. Through curiosity, students are able to ask the difficult question which enable them to be more focused and gain more knowledge from the project. Through the PBL student are empowered to have the ownership of their project and are able to celebrate their success which keeps them motivated and learned. What educational subject does project-based learning suit the most? Project-based learning covers the entire subject based on learning from science, literature, and PE. It does not only concentrate on a single subject. Most of the subject are aligned to the real world scenarios this gives PBL an upper hand in covering all the subject related to learning. What are your feelings about the use of project-based learning approach in all levels of education? This approach of project-based learning, when used in all level of education, would be a major boost to the education level to the student. Level of performance will increase and promote skill-based learning that will develop learners who have the skills required in the job market. Beginning from elemental school to all other levels of education will develop accumulated skills among the learners and bring early learning development and reduced delayed skills among the learners and low employment. Enhancing PBL encourages learners to become more innovative in society and promote the industrialization which is a key tool of economic development. Will you be in a position to illustrate the use of project-based learning using diagrams? Assigning working groups Present a real world situation for the group to work on Develop rules for the student to follow in solving the problem Teacher facilitation to solving the problem Final results shared with the entire group To facilitate the PBL, the trainer starts with planning. This involves creating working groups that are to participate in the exercise. The next step is to present a real-world situation problem to the student to solve. This can be an experiment, a research problem or a mind game. Then the trainer gives the guideline on how the problem is to be solved. This may include roles and policies that guide the student on how to solve a given problem. The role of the trainer is to facilitate by guiding the student on how to realize the results. This can be done through trainer participation in the group to solve the problem where student’s eyes are open on how to face challenging problem in the real world situation. Finally when the results are realized, then the group can present the solution to other group members. In this students are able to learn from one another through sharing and collaboration. Explain the importance of an instructor in the process of using project-based learning In this education approach, the role of an instructor is to guide and facilitate learning. The presence of an instructor acts as a supervisor to guide the student on how to realize the solution to a problem and connecting with the case scenario. Having the knowledge and the right procedure, their work is to ensure students understand and have developed skill-based knowledge on how to solve problems on their own without much help from the instructor. Which kinds of feedbacks have the students given regarding project-based learning? Getting to adapt to new system sometime is hard for the student but once they adopt it become a life experience where the student doesn’t like reverting to the older method of learning. With improved skills gained from the PBL education, the students are able to relate well to the real-life situation. The student develops problem-solving skills in society and in social life the students develop social skills and are able to relate well with society due to improved selfesteem. The students show improved skills that are relevant to the job industries which make it more viable for job employment and opportunity. How can various elementary instructors incorporate project-based learning into the teaching curriculum? To incorporate PBL in teaching curriculum, the elementary instructor needs to start involving the learners with few and simple tasks that the students are able to solve. Also, new instructor needs to start engaging in the simple task before they start engaging with long-term projects. Observing proper guideline, the instructor can easily incorporate PBL into the teaching curriculum. Can the integration of “Mind Maps” helps in enhancing project-based learning? Mind map integration in enhances project-based learning by improving the learning environment of the student altitude and enable them to be more focused in the PBL education. What types of educational difficulties does the student encounter while using project-based learning approaches in Saudi Arabian schools? The kind of difficult the student face when using project based learning is adopting to the new system. Having been used to the paper system, the students experiences some low selfesteem and social problems. The education success being based on interaction and exposure to the real world situation, introducing the learners require slow pace until they adapt to the PBL system. This enables them to start learning how to solve simple problems before graduating to solving big problems. Which communicational strategy do the elementary instructors employ while using project-based learning processes? Through use of real world situation, use of patterns and shapes enhances students interaction as they interact with the real world experiences in solving problems. Instructor engagement makes the student ask appropriate questions that help them in solving various questions. Which types of goals and objectives do you intend to achieve in the next five years by incorporating project-based learning approaches in schools? The main objective of PBL is to enhance learning skills and improving learner’s performance all rounds. Encouraging learner to adapt to the PBL is a way of transforming and improving learning standard and improving life standard and learners skills. To improve the society through education requires the incorporation of PBL education system. In the next five years, the school should be in a position to see the fruit of PBL education both in the school and in the society. Please give other information that you think is relevant in this interview A project-based learning approach to education plays a key role in the global economy. When learners are natured to solve the problem independently without much intervention from the instructor, this makes them develop skills that help them to solve problems both in society and also in their individual life. Encouraging PBL education enhances the professional skills required in the industry thus making a nation an industrious state with high innovation and quality production and service delivery. How do you motivate students who are new to PBL? It is important to inform the students about the advantages and process of PBL before starting the sessions. Let the students know that PBL is actually the approach through which the students will be able to learn the application of theoretical knowledge, which is similar to what they are going to face in their practical/ professional life. Tell them that this will help them develop the competencies required in the real world. Generally, students are more motivated to learn something when it is related to their future professions. Is there any evidence that Project-Based Learning has a better impact on students’ learning compared to other methods such as Problem-Based Learning? PBL tends to be closer to professional practices, aimed towards the application rather than the acquisition of knowledge. Nevertheless, one of the main concerns about PBL is the time required to develop a project, considering that it requires deliveries as outcomes (being products or services).For example, in the field of engineering, there are some positive and negative results reported by authors. On the positive side, one can mention: the increase in students' motivation and engagement; - increase in students’ retention; - improvement on academic results; - more advanced skills to develop more sophisticated and realistic systems; - increase in performance of students’ communication skills, creativity, teamwork, practical ability, project management, responsibility, team management, communication work, and report writing; - contact with real-clients. On the negative side: - students considered that they had to dedicate too much time working in this approach; - some students feel insecure about the new approach; - problems with time management (from both students and professors); - the difficulty of the lecturers in adapting their methodologies to the new teaching approach; - need for an introduction to teamwork and engineering/design report writing. How to evaluate the effectiveness of Project-based Learning on cognitive? There is a need to find a balance on how much of the theories the students can learn while doing the projects. Based on experience, doing projects are great, but there should still be some other form of assessments such as short quizzes to determine whether or not they have a better knowledge of the topics. Level 1 How do doctoral students in qualitative research understand the purpose of education? Participant 1 Initial Code Transcript Level 3 Coding Memo How do doctoral students in qualitative research understand the purpose of education? Themes Patterns Emerging sub-patterns Participant’s source Theme 1: The parents support and social capital gives the learner a starting point PTN 1. Education gives the learner a starting point PTN 1a). Social capital P. 1 I come from an educated family whom were always very interested and successful in education field for many years PTN 1b). Personal values PTN 1c). Parental support PTN 1d). Life long career p.1 Education represents everything to me P. 3 Such an enlightenment opened my eyes on the issue of education and I was eventually able to change my mindset P. 5 Ever since I was a child, my parents expressed to my siblings and I the value of education. They told us that it was really important that we receive an education that not only helped us to acquire a life-long career, but also prepared us to serve our community Level 2 Coding How do doctoral students in qualitative research understand the purpose of education? Patterns Emerging sub-patterns Participant’s Source Pattern- PTN Pattern-PTN Participant-P Level 2 Coding How do doctoral students in qualitative research understand the purpose of education? Patterns Emerging sub-patterns Participant’s Source Pattern- PTN Pattern-PTN Participant-P PTN 1. Education gives the learner a starting point PTN 1a). Social capital P. 1 I come from an educated family whom were always very interested and successful in education field for many years PTN 1b). Personal values PTN 1c). Parental support PTN 1d). Life long career P.1 Education represents everything to me P. 3 Such an enlightenment opened my eyes on the issue of education and I was eventually able to change my mindset P. 5 Ever since I was a child, my parents expressed to my siblings and I the value of education. They told us that it was really important that we receive an education that not only helped us to acquire a lifelong career, but also prepared us to serve our community PTN 2. Education enhances personal development PTN 2 a). Individual attributes PTN 2 b). Support from the education system PTN 2 c). Attainment of longterm goals PTN 2 d). The role of the teachers P.2 To be educated is to achieve the full measure of awareness as well as the full commection the long term goals and community responsibility one gets in the long run P. 7. The purpose of education for me is being able to go, achieve and maintain what so many of my ancestors could not. P. 7 Education is different for everyone. However, there should be some sort of personal growth and progress as a result of a person being "educated". P. 8 Education today is shifting to embrace the idea that learning is central to all personal growth, both through the schooling process and for life in general. P. 4 being educated is good because one becomes knowledgeable in various matters that concern day to day living and activities P. 5 that each individual has opportunities to discover their life purpose with the help of inspiring role models at home and school that help them to realize that being educated is worth all the invested time and effort. P. 6 Education consist of teaching our youth to have compassion and patience and learn to have peaceful dialogue and understand differences with respect. PTN 3. Education and people’s understanding of education is dynamic PTN 3 a). Experience to understand education PTN 3 b) External influences PTN 3c). foundation for improvement PTN 3 d). gender equality P. 1 Education is Since the Foundation Saudi Arabia in 1931, education has started with very few male schools and has been evolving rapidly ever since. P. 8 As I reflect on my understanding of education and how it has changed over time, I am struck not only by how differently I define education now than I once did, but also how much my experiences have shaped my understanding today. P. 3 Education is no longer to be viewed as something that must be completed. Rather, education is the foundation of self-improvement. PTN 4 Educator and Personal efforts determines one’s success PTN 4 a) educational difficulties PTN 4 b). continuous process PTN 4 c) Educational failure PTN 4 d) Attitude change PTN 4 e) Opportunities P. 1 and more importantly have a believe that learning and education should never stop in a person’s life P. 3 These two pictures bring out the reason to be educated in that they show the difficulties one has to go through and become successful. P. 3 I began hating school and I didn’t see the essence of attending classes. In fact, I preferred hanging out with my friends. This attitude was wrong since I affected my performance in my first years Th ...
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