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Your paper should clearly state your position on/conclusions about the media effects issue posed in your research question, supported by researched evidence and reasons, including at least one relevant mass communication theory studied in this course. It should be 6-8 pages in length and employ 6-10 credible and authoritative resources, of which at least three must be peer-reviewed, scholarly journals. Its ideas must be properly documented with in-text citations and an end-of-text reference list that conform to the American Psychological Association's style rules

Specific quotations must be employed, properly integrated into the paper as direct quotes, summaries, or paraphrases accompanied by in-text citations that reflect American Psychological Association style rules. No more than three of the direct quotes may be extended/block quotes. The sources may not include general websites, blogs, Wikipedia, or wiki-type materials.

Your paper must be carefully edited and proofread. The paper also should follow the general American Psychological Association manuscript rules and be double-spaced with a title page. Please also make sure to verify the originality and documentation by submitting your paper to if it is made available by your instructor. Consult your instructor for login details.

Surname 1 Name Professor Course Date How has social media use by U.S. political candidates evolved over time? Thesis Statement. We are living in an era where passing of information from a place to another, regardless of the distance, is an easy task for everyone. The internet eased everything for us. Now there are thousands of platforms where people can virtually meet and privately discuss issues. These platforms are known as social media. Social media has been a perfect platform that many people rely on for their daily sustenance, for instance business wise. Politician have taken their campaigns to another level where they can reach more people with ease. The study will majorly expound on how these platforms have aided the politicians in ensuring their popularity and relevance in their respective governments. I have chosen the issue of social media use by political candidates because, first it is one of the trending things in the current world. It is not only in the United States where politician dwell on social media but also in every state in the world. I would rather research on a current affair that has a political significance today and in the future than an historical issue that will not have any lesson to educate us. Things I know To begin with, many politicians are dwelling mostly on social media than ever. Use of Twitter and Facebook by politicians has increased in an outstanding manner. This has made many Surname 2 of them be known by more people that they never knew them before. In other words, the use of social media platforms has increased political candidates` popularity. Again, I have a strong believe that many candidates have been using the social media to convince people of their political capabilities. This is because these candidates have a direct contact with the voters. This makes them gain many followers who will probably vote for them during the general elections. Another thing that I know is that their way of campaigning via the social media has cut a lot of advertising costs that the politicians could have incurred if they had to use the old version of gaining popularity. Previously, they could pay radio and television stations to keep on talking about them all day to the public but seems like that is a thing of the past. These platforms have an instant feedback from the citizens who either give you hope of pursuing political campaigning or quitting. One`s traits can either be condemned right before the elections or be people`s person on the first glance. This has helped many in deciding the path to choose earlier enough by analyzing the public opinion. For those that might not have enough for their political campaigns and have the potential to get into the government, they might use the social media to create fundraisers for their campaigns. What I will research about the topic Firstly, I am not certain on how the candidates manage to reach a large group of people without the aid of adverts on other grounds, for instance the old enough to be able to properly embrace technology. Surname 3 There have been cases of fake news going round the social media. I would like to understand how these candidates try to wipe out the bad part of their profiles and try to stay clean all through. Thirdly, considering there is no physical contact with the voters, could there be chances of corruption that are done without anyone noticing in a bid to win more followers or it is basically a honest driven campaign? Since every candidates would like to win their designated positions, what is the probability that they will win without physically meting their followers? Lastly, I would like to know for how long the social media platform will be used in driving political campaigns.
Running head: EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL MEDIA USE IN POLITICS Evolution of Social Media Use by U.U Political Candidates Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation 1 EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL MEDIA USE IN POLITICS 2 Introduction Social media as a means of communicating has domineered in the political system proving to be fast and effective. The discovery of the internet and other forms of technology contribute significantly to the increasing rate in the use of social media as a political tool. Politicians believe in creating popularity in times of campaign to get a high number of votes during elections. Social media is proving to be an effective media for political work in the United States. The essay evaluates three academic articles and how they relate to current survey on the evolution of social media use by political candidates in the United States. The journal titled "Social Media, Political Marketing and the 2016 U. S. Election," presents a comprehensive investigation of the communication and campaign strategies used by presidential candidates in the United States. The research offers insights on how social media proves to be a standard way of political marketing to influence voters. Some of the forums utilized by candidates aspiring to occupy the presidency positions are Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. The political candidates use social media as a channel of interaction by posting their intentions. The voters display their views that help predict the fate of the candidate on the voting day. The number of politicians using social media is at an increasing level as shown by the 2016 data on the role of social media. According to the results in this research, 44% of the voters received the information about the presidential elections on the social media (Williams, 2017). The survey shows that Donald Trump had around ten million followers on Twitter and the number is currently at an increasing rate. The journal indicates that social media is becoming the political marketing forum for presidential candidates in the United States. The second journal titled "The Impact of Social Media Use of Political Participation" analysis of the dramatic growth of social media in politics. The number of social media EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL MEDIA USE IN POLITICS 3 networking sites is high with many people digitalized enough to communicate through social media platforms comfortably. The research carried out using the data collected from 2008 in the United States shows that the elections marked an episode when social media was directly applied to convey political information. The supporters of each presidential candidate posted their interests and proved to have a strong political influence (Muntean, 2015). The evolution of social media use has grown from 2008, and in 2016 a high number of followers for each candidate was significantly elevated. Thirdly, in the article titled "Social Media Sites of Politicians Influence Their Perception by Constituents" discusses the evolution of social media for political use. Social media has outlets that help in communication and strengthening the bond of interaction between politicians and citizens. Some of the discussed outlets are Facebook and Twitter which were the first to evolve followed by Instagram and linked-in sites. The research used a mixed method based on content analysis and survey to reveal that voters use the posted information to decide on the candidates to vote (Hellweg, 2011). The study indicates that social media was first used for political works in the United States in 2008 during the presidential elections. Since 2008 the social media sites specifically for political issues had increased drastically in the United States. Conclusion The evolution of social media shows a significant change in the political world in the United States. The candidates manage to communicate with a large group and receive direct responses. The results from the study predict that the use of social media is a growing rate and with technology, politics will become an online issue in the future. In conclusion, the use of social media in politics represents an evolving form of change that people seem to embrace. EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL MEDIA USE IN POLITICS 4 References Hellweg, A. (2011). Social media sites of politicians influence their perception by constituents. The Elon Journal of Undergraduate Research in Communications, 2(1), 2236. Muntean, A. (2015). The impact of social media use on political participation. Retrieved from http://pure. au. Dk/portal/files/90378581/The_Impact_of_Social_Media _on_Political_Participation. Pdf. Williams, C. B. (2017). Introduction: Social media, political marketing and the 2016 US election.
Running head: EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN POLITICS Evolution of Social Media in Politics Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation 1 EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN POLITICS 2 Parmelee, J. H., & Bichard, S. L. (2011). Politics and the Twitter revolution: How tweets influence the relationship between political leaders and the public. Lexington Books. Parmelee J. and Bichard S. Wrote the book titled "Politics and the Twitter revolutions," and the book relates how Twitter as a social media platform has been used by politicians to influence the masses to elect the politicians as their future leaders. The book explains in details the importance of twitter on politics and the different ways in which politicians in the modern world have used the social media platform to get to know the views of the people on the politicians. The book also states how effectively using social media for political reasons has influenced masses and indicates the impacts of political tweets as opposed to the word of mouth communications. The book also analyses some of the tweets on political campaigns in America and other countries and looks into how Obama used the advantage of the many twitter followers the former president of America used to influence people. The book was written targeted on the general public and political leaders to enlighten people on how Twitter has been used as an influential tool in politics unlike before when political leaders only concentrated on word of mouth to pass their information to people. The information in the book will be able to answer my question on how social media use on politics has evolved since the research was based on U.S America and most of the information is relevant. The unique thing about the book is that it concentrates on the use of twitter on politics which few people have directed their study in. I will use the information provided to compare how candidates' performance on politics compared to old times when politicians rarely used their Twitter accounts. EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN POLITICS 3 Carlisle, J. E., & Patton, R. C. (2013). Is social media changing how we understand political engagement? An analysis of Facebook and the 2008 presidential election. Political Research Quarterly, 66(4), 883-895 The article was first published in May 2013 goes deep to examine the political uses of the Facebook sites and see how Facebook users interact and talk about politics on Facebook. The research majorly looks into in offline civic engagement of the election candidates and their followers compared to political candidates and their followers on Facebook. The research targeted audience is the people in politics who would like to use Facebook to capture their targeted audience. The authors of the Article were Dr. Robert C Patton who was a Senior Doctor in Opelika AL. He had specialized in Internal Medicine. The coauthor of the article was Juliet E. Carlisle who works at the department of political science and focuses on environmental politics researches, public views, voting behaviors, and elections. The article works are relevant to my research in that since they focus on Facebook political issues and my research is based on social media politics. The unique factor about the material is that it concentrated on Facebook and examined most of the feedback given to politicians when they post different political issues on Facebook. The article focuses on the interactions of the election candidates on political issues on Facebook. The information on the research paper will assist me in my research to relate how the political candidates on U.S America use the Facebook to mobilize people to vote for them on Facebook. Vitak, J., Zube, P., Smock, A., Carr, C. T., Ellison, N., & Lampe, C. (2011). It's complicated: Facebook users' political participation in the 2008 election. Cyber Psychology, behavior, and social networking, 14(3), 107-114. EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN POLITICS 4 The article "). It's complicated: Facebook users' political participation in the 2008 election" was first published in March 2011. The article analyses how election candidates in the U.S were able to use the authority and permission granted to the elections candidates to share their political views and believes on Facebook. The interactions on Facebook and other social media platform were found to have a significant change in the young voters regarding politics and assisted the election candidates in the 2008 presidential elections to reach such groups of people easily compared to old times when politicians could not network their social views. The targeted audience of the article is the general public, and specifically, politicians who do not like focusing on social networking give their opinions on different political issues. The main author Jessica Vitak works at Maryland's School as an Assistant Professor, Paul Zube, an instructor at Ferris University who focuses on studies on social media and politics. Caleb T. Carr, a professor of communications at Illinois State University. The information in the article is relevant to my studies in that it relates to my research question. The article is based on how the 2008 U.S presidential election, which gives my research an opportunity to analyses how those candidates who engaged in social networking on social media platforms were able to perform

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Social Media and Politics
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Social media is ended up being a viable media for political work in the United States.
The issue of social media use by political competitors since; first, it is one of the drifting
things in the present world. It isn't just in the United States where government official harp
via social media yet in addition in each state on the planet. I would preferably examine on a
present issue that has a political centrality today and later on than a verifiable issue that won't
have any exercise to instruct us. Everybody might want to know for to what extent the social
media stage will be utilized in driving political battles. The competitors figure out how to
speak with an extensive gathering and get immediate reactions. The revelation of the web and
different types of innovation contribute fundamentally to the expanding rate in the utilization
of social media as a political device. (Gentzkow, M. 2017)
Government officials trust in making ubiquity in the midst of battle to get a high
number of votes amid races. All in all, the utilization of social media in governmental issues
speaks to a developing type of progress that individuals appear to grasp. The outcomes from
the investigation foresee that the utilization of social media is a developing rate and with
innovation, governmental issues will turn into an online issue later on. The book titled “social
media, Political Marketing" exhibits a complete examination of the correspondence and
crusade methodologies utilized by presidential applicants in the United States. The
examination offers bits of knowledge on how social media turns out to be a standard method
for political showcasing to impact voters.
A portion of the forums used by competitors trying to possess the administration
positions is Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The article was first distributed in May 2013
dives deep to inspect the political employment of the Facebook destinations and perceive
how Facebook clients interface and discussion about legislative issues on Facebook. There is


a book titled "Governmental issues and the Twitter upsets," and the book relates how Twitter
as a social media stage has been utilized by legislators to impact the majority to choose the
lawmakers as their future pioneers. The book clarifies in subtleties the significance of Twitter
on legislative issues and the distinctive manners by which legislators in the advanced world
have utilized the social media stage to become acquainted with the perspectives of the general
population on the government officials. The book additionally states how viably utilizing
social media for political reasons has affected masses and demonstrates t...

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