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Create a dialogue between two historical people on opposing view points see attachment for complete instructions

Unit 3 Lesson 11: Imperialism Dialogue Portfolio US History Standards: USH.3.1 Describe the events and people central to the transformation of the United States developing into a world power. (Government, Geography) USH.3.5 Identify and give the significance of contributions to American culture made by individuals and groups--1897-1920 such as Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois, NAACP, muckrakers, Upton Sinclair. (Individuals, Society, andCulture) Learning Objectives • Objectives: - View a historical event from multiple perspectives. - Identify both pros and cons of America’s imperialism in the early 1900s. - Support viewpoints with at least two accurate historical facts. - Important Note…Please Read & Take Notes- Chp # 18 An Emerging World Power 1890-1917 pp. 584-611 • -Section 1-The Roots of Imperialism • -Section 2-The Spanish-American War • -Section 3-The United States and East Asia • -Section 4-The United States and Latin America Imperialism-Quick Review Imperialism- Political, Military, and Economic domination of strong nations over weaker territories… Who, What, When, Where, How, & Sometimes Why???? - In the late 1800s, the United States abandoned islolationism & emerged as a new power on the global stage. - Joining other powers America began to acquire influence and territories outside of its continental borders . Benefits of Imperialism 1.) Economic Benefits ??? - Natural Resources - Raw materials - Expanding Markets for Surplus Benefits of Imperialism 2.) Military Benefits ???? - To expand & protect their interests around the world Benefits of Imperialism • 3.) National Superiority!!!! Quick Activity • Conflict of Interest--If you were alive during the late 1800s/early 1900s…Would you have considered yourself a Imperialist or Non-Imperialist? Do you believe that the United States still participates in Imperialism today??? What about other world powers? Please explain your answers>>>>Chat Pod Description: • The period between 1890-1920 saw a huge shift in the way Americans viewed their international role. Many Americans had different opinions about this trend. • For this project, you will explore this shift by imagining a conversation between two famous Americans. • Five steps: – Research American foreign policy 1890-1920 – Choosing two people who lived during the period 18901920 with differing opinions on American Imperialism. – Doing further research on the opinions of the two people you chose. – Analyze your research – Writing a dialogue between the two famous Americans Step 1: Research American Foreign Policy • Review what you know about American foreign policy between 1890-1920 and debate over imperialism… – – – – The countries that the U.S. occupied or acquired. The reasons some Americans supported imperialism. The reasons other Americans opposed imperialism. Create notes (not to be turned in…just for research purposes)—Use the online sources provided in Unit 3:Lesson 6 ---Textbook, Discovery Education, Grolier Online, America 1900 , The Crucible of Empire, & The Age of Imperialism. Step 2: Choosing two people with opposing viewpoints. • Choose two people with opposing views on America’s role in the world during the period between 1890-1920. • Here are some examples: – Jane Addams – Eugene Debs – Jeannette Rankin – Booker T. Washington…to name a few Step 3: Research the Two People. • Research both people’s side of the issue. – What are the basic facts that both sides can agree on? – What did each person believe about imperialism? – How did they work in support or in opposition to imperialism? – Were there any key events in their lives that affected their beliefs about imperialism? Step 4: Research Analysis • Reflect on your findings while researching you issues. Write down your thoughts on the following questions…you will need the answers to complete your dialogue. – What is each person’s opinion on the issue? – What facts or reasoning back up their opinion? – What would person A say about person B’s opinion and vice versa? Step 5: Writing a Dialogue • Write your dialogue between two people on different sides of the issue. – Start out your dialogue with each person stating their opinion on the issue. This opinion should be about a paragraph long. – Spend the rest of the conversation with the two people responding to each other about their dreams. – Use the following format to write you dialogue. • Person 1: I believe that…. • Person 2: Nonsense, Your… • Person 1: That is not true. I…. Step 5 Writing a Dialogue • You may wish to have the people ask one another questions. • Focus dialogue on specific issues. Be respectful in the dialogue (no name calling). • Your dialogue should be based on Historical Facts & Imaginative Details based on historical facts. • Your dialogue should be at least 2 pages long, single spaced, type in size 12 font. • It needs to be submitted into the Drop Box at the end of Unit 3: Lesson 11! • So, who will you choose???? Which two famous people will Debate Imperialism in your Portfolio???? Wrap Up- Example….

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Running head: SHIFT TO GROWTH


Shift to Growth

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Henry Cabot Lodge and William Jennings Bryan
Scene: Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, a Republican senator and a close friend to Theodore
Roosevelt, meets William James, a prominent Democrat politician from Nebraska. The theme of
this meeting is to discuss a controversial American Foreign policy. Cabot is a strong supporter
for the shift of American policy to intervene in foreign matters more and exert more control,
while William James Bryan is an ardent voice against the idea of imperialism and he is focusing
his campaign in the upcoming elections based on the idea he has been a voice of dissent.
BRYAN: Thank you for agreeing to meet me, Senator.
LODGE: It is my Pleasure Sir, I am aware that American Foreign policy has caused a lot of
criticism from your school of thought, especially the stand on the controversial foreign policy.
However, let me make my position clear.
BRYAN: I think the policy is not what America Stands for and it should be abolished and
alternative methods considered.
LODGE: Well, I believe that America, just like the European powers must adapt accordingly to
enhance the continued growth of our country. Countries that are not seeking expansion are a part
of the past and will not be a part of the future in my honest opinion. America can become a great
nation economically if it continues with imperialism. There is excellent potential regarding trade
and reach out for new markets in the East, the Hawaiian Islands which would have fallen to the

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