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can you write my Positionality paper its about 5 pages part 2. i uploaded the instructions for the paper and also i attached the part 1 of the assignment.

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Positionality Paper Part II Due TO D2L by 11:30 pm Monday, December 17, 2018. Your response for each part of the paper assignment below should be typed and double-spaced. Cite any sources in text and in a Works Cited page (using any citation format with which you are comfortable). The paper is due to D2L by Monday, December 17, 2018. Earlier in the semester, you wrote a paper reflecting on your positionality. You looked at your racial, gender, economic, sexual, dis/ability, and national identity locations. You also reflected upon which ones you were quite familiar with, which ones you hadn’t yet reflected upon, and why. For this second part of the Positionality paper, we will continue that reflection. It is in two parts: Part I (about 3 pages): Choose either the Reproductive Justice or the Gendered Violence. Think about ONE of the issues we studied within that unit. What is your positionality in relation to that issue? Is it something that has affected your life directly? Why, given your positionality, has it affected you directly? If it hasn't affected you directly, how might that be because of your positionality? Intersectionality means (among other things) that issues affect people differently because of their complex locations within power dynamics, which is shaped by the combinations of their identity locations. How does that particular issue affect marginalized groups in particular ways? Choose one issue and one marginalized group to analyze in some detail. For instance, why are indigenous women going missing at such high rates, and why hasn’t that epidemic been addressed? Or why have women of color been forcibly sterilized and what is the impact of that violence? Part II (about 2 pages): Look back at your response to the first positionality paper you wrote. How has your understanding of your positionality in relation to different social issues deepened, shifted, or refined over the semester? If it hasn't, you can say that too. What have you learned about oppression, power, privilege that you didn't know before this class? Badr Alhasan My Positionality Paper Part 1: Question 1 Racial identity: my racial identity is brownish since I descend from the Middle East part of the world densely populated with Arabs and Muslims. Ethnic identity: I am an Arab Muslim as an ethnic affiliation which also refers to the tribe that am associated with although I speak Arabic and English Gender identity: I was born a male, and ever since then it has been my gender categories from which my peers associate me with the men in all aspects of sex and gender. Sexual identity: I believe that am as a male am more attracted to the female sex which is the primary sexual orientation that identifies me, Living with a disability: I don’t live with any disability since being of sound mind and can move and do everything naturally. Economic class: being an international Muslim student living in the united states of America were in a middle economic class set of a family since we fall between the working class and the upper class National identity: I have lived in the United States for five years, however, I still consider myself as a Yemeni living in the States Immigrant status: I consider myself as an international student and I don’t have the authorization to work Cultural/religious identity: I am a Muslim by religion since I believe in the existence of Allah and carry out all practices that are related to Islamic faith such as fasting among others. Question 2 Were any of the above identities easy to name? Some of the identities that were easy to name were the religious identity, gender, immigrant status, and sexual identity since they are the things that I value most and appreciate about myself. I cannot change them, and I always believe that they are there to stay and become some of the basic things that make the whole person that I am. I always have frequent thinking about my identity which arises to asking myself of how the people surrounding me treat me, they raise questions that I find my identities giving the factual answers that I always need. Question 3 Situation when parts of the identity were named visible to me-benefits or marginalized me. One of the occasions that identity was made visible to me is after the election of Donald Trump as the American president. There were controversial issues of the immigrants who had entered the US without legal means. So during the time, my peers were discussing people who are prone to deportation, and I felt marginalized. Question 4 How have the identities shaped my perspective in relations with other people? My identities have played a better role in first trying to understand myself, the most important thing that I appreciate about them is the fact that I cannot change them and thereby I cannot try to be like someone else whatsoever the case. Through the process, I have learned different people’s identities and thus appreciating them and knowing that it is not about their identity that defines them or defines their success but what they work for and who they are ambitioned to be. I have learned in a school with various people drawn from different races, religion, and nationality; thereby I have kept me knowing that irrespective of the particular identity that each one of them bears the most important thing is living in harmony and understanding of each other. For instance being a Muslim I have been able to read the Quran and share my sentiments and understanding about it to other friends who bares different religion. They have also shared with me their knowledge about the bible, and through that, I appreciate Christianity as much as other people enjoy Islamic respect it as a religion.
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Positionality Paper Part II
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Positionality Paper Part II
Part I
In this paper, the issue that is chosen is gendered violence. Gendered violence is
also referred to gender violence or gender-based violence, and it refers to the infliction of
harm to individual or group of people because of the normative understanding of the
people’s gender (Churchill, 2018). The connection of the gender violence may be
informed of institutional, structural, and the gender roles that are played with a person
and it is used as a factor to endorse violence based on the societal influence and the
gender which shape violence along the gender line. In most cases, gender violence
occurs in all genders, which consist of male and female children, men and women. This
paper seeks to give a reflection of my positionality on the gendered violence.
The issue that is selected from the study is gender, which is the state of being
female or male concerning the cultural and social differences rather than the biological
differences. The personality that I have concerning gender is that I am a male person and
remain to society also refers to me as a male in all aspect, as I take the male cultural
norm. Being male has affected me in many cases. Beings of being male, many people
want to hurt me; various bullies have to affect me by virtue of being a male. By virtue of
being a male, I have also been faced with different types of problems that require me to
solve and also to work hard to be the breadwinner for the family. The issue has affected
my life directly and made me invent means in which these problems can be solved. This
has caus...

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