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A cat chases a mouse across a 1.5 m high table. The mouse steps out of the way, and the cat slides off the table and strikes the floor 1.1 m from the edge of the table.The acceleration of gravityis 9.81 m/s^2.
What was the cat’s speed when it slid off the table?
Answer in units of m/s.

Jun 19th, 2015

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Looks like a Projectile Motion Question
Dy = -1.5m
Dx = 1.1m
Vy = 0, Since you are not moving up
ay = 9.81m/s^2

Dy = Vyt + 0.5ayt^2
-1.5 = 0 + 0.5(-9.81)t^2
-1.5/-4.9 = t^2
t = 0.55s

Dx = Vxt
  1.1= Vx0.55
Vx = 1.1/0.52
= 2.1154m/s
Therefore the cat's speed when it slid off the table is probably 2.1154m/s [Horizontal]

Please let me know if you need any clarification. please best me
Jun 19th, 2015

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Jun 19th, 2015
Jun 19th, 2015
Mar 23rd, 2017
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