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Based on what you have learned about available community resources in Wayne County, New York, and based upon your work with Mr. Potts, prepare a report to Supervisor Rexford that identifies at least 3 community resources (these can be any combination of treatment, prevention, education, etc.) that you believe would be an appropriate referral for Mr. Potts. For each community resource you identify, address the following:

  • Why do you believe it to be an appropriate referral for Mr. Potts specifically?
  • What do you believe Mr. Potts will get out of the referral to this resource?
  • What is your goal for Mr. Potts in terms of referring Mr. Potts to this resource?
  • Rank each of the 3 resources to which you referred Mr. Potts, from most needed to least needed.
  • You should also address whether you believe this community lacks any resources for Mr. Potts to which you would have made a referral if it existed in this county.

Info from Potts case can be found in assignment 2 file I added.

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Surname 1 Memo Report To: Officer Rexford From: Anquan Patterson Date: 05/12/2018 Re: Determining Whether Mr. Potts Has an Issue with Alcohol, Which Needs To Be Further Addressed. Overview The effects of alcohol abuse are far-reaching and sometimes disastrous (Saitoh, Steinglass, & Schuckit, 2013). It can affect the normal functioning of a family and lead to apparent threats to the community. As such, alcohol abuse affects every aspect of human life. Importantly, it affects users’ lives, their profession, wellbeing, as well as security. It equally impacts on the society’s social, economic, as well as public safety (Saitoh, Steinglass, & Schuckit, 2013). While the spouse features into this line, children are the most affected due to emotional and psychological issues. Most often, these children may develop problems, including low self-esteem as well as depression (Saitoh, Steinglass, & Schuckit, 2013). However, there are several programs and rehabilitation centers, which can assist such families to deal with the problem of alcohol abuse. It is, therefore, vital that people and families are able to seek specialized assistance before it is late. How Mr. Potts' Alcohol has affected Children Looking at Mr. Potts' case, it is very clear that he is fundamentally violating his probation terms. However, I do not consider jail as the right place or solution for him but rather suggest that Potts be provided with rehabilitation services, including counseling to both him and his Surname 2 family. Even though it is a tough process, with the assistance from the family and the community, Potts will be able to start his healing process. As witnessed from the case, his drinking habits have significantly affected his family members, both his wife and children. For instance, his wife appears to be suffering emotionally and looks weak as well as fatigued. Nevertheless, she remains conservative, especially when asked about her husband's condition. It seems she wants to protect and cover up for Potts' mistakes, fearing that he might be taken away from her. To a greater sense, she is trying to fulfill her family responsibilities as a wife, since her husband is always absent and never involved in their children's affairs. Despite her efforts to keep her family going, I feel that she is forced into undertaking these responsibilities with fears of confrontations from her husband. Thus, the part she plays in this family is that of an enabler. Specifically, an enabler refers to a spouse who guards and takes care of the family of the alcoholic partner. However, she could be enabling her husband out of fear, though she does not mention it. In addition, there is a possibility that Potts is battling his wife or at least attempting it, to say the least. Family Member Roles and Reasons for their Roles In Potts’ family, there are four members: Potts, his wife, and the two daughters. Cindy, who has just turned eleven, is the eldest. She is experiencing problems, especially emotionally, due to bitterness, confusion, as well as fear from her drunken father. However, she has managed to do well in school and in other extra curriculum activities. For instance, she is a great dancer and has been awarded handsomely. It seems this is the only way of letting her resentments and anger fade away. Fundamentally, dancing appears as the best solution for escaping away from what is going on at home. Surname 3 However, my main concern is the afflicted scars she has on her forearm, which indicates the presence of the violation. Moreover, issues of emotional and psychological trauma are evident. Cindy's role can be described as a scapegoat since she acts defiantly. Though scapegoats may appear to lead normal lives, they are usually harboring deep-seated issues, and struggling with life at home. In this case, Cindy is crying out for assistance; therefore, needs therapy and counseling in efforts to improve her life. Sara, who is ten years old, is the second and last born in this family. She has also performed well in school as well as in her dancing lessons. Unlike Cindy, she appears much composed and relaxed. In particular, she does not portray any sign of anger or resentment. However, there is a possibility that she could be undergoing through hard times, including emotional and psychological torture. She identifies with her father, Potts, and gets him bears whenever he asks. She always pampers him in efforts to make him calm down and be happy. However, she argues that she does not like when she shouts or yells; therefore, she would do anything to avoid it and help her mother. Therefore, she plays the role of a heroine. A hero is an individual who would go to any extent to accomplish or safe a situation. In this case, Sarah demonstrates that she is mature though at a tender age. Particularly, she does anything to distract her father’s attention and manage his stress, while helping her mother out. People at Risk of developing Alcohol-related Drinking The children are the most affected with alcohol-related issues. They often suffer from low self-confidence, fears, depression, feelings of guilt, as well as psychological and emotional problems. These children would sometimes think that they are, to some part, responsible for the problems going on in the family (O'Connor et al, 1994). Moreover, most of the children from Surname 4 dysfunctional backgrounds would also feel isolated from other children, leading to the development of poor self-images and low self-esteem (O'Connor et al, 1994). Surname 5 References Saitoh, S., Steinglass, P., & Schuckit, M. A. (2013). Alcoholism and the Family. Routledge. O'Connor, S., Bauer, L., Tasman, A., & Hesselbrock, V. (1994). Reduced P3 amplitudes are associated with both a family history of alcoholism and antisocial personality disorder. Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry.  Drug and Substance Abuse during Pregnancy  Anquan  Colorado Patterson Technical University  December 5th 2018   Effects of alcohol use during pregnancy shown by newborns Alcohol consumption during pregnancy causes many effects on the fetus. It causes a disorder known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). This is a disorder that is characterized by man abnormalities and learning behaviours that are evident throughout a person’s life. FASD causes body malformations, which includes affecting the structure of the face and head of the newborn. It also causes neurological effects and severe growth deficits.  Cont.  Alcohol consumption during pregnancy leads to giving birth to babies with low reasoning capabilities (Forray, 2016). This, therefore, shows that it is advisable to stop alcohol consumption before conceiving and in case of unplanned pregnancies, ensure that you stop taking alcohol immediately after discovering that.  FASD syndrome:   Effects of Cocaine Exposure during Pregnancy on Child Development Cocaine exposure during pregnancy majorly affects the child’s stress response system. Mothers who take cocaine during pregnancy expose the fetus to its effects, and it decreases cortisol response in the child. Decreased cortisol response means that the child after birth will always have increased sensitivity to stressful conditions throughout their lives. It also increases the child’s sensitivity to fatigue and pain. Babies born by mothers who use cocaine also suffer congenital malformations and have reduced head circumference.  Cont.  Also, cocaine lowers senses and causes emotional swings since it can be passed to the growing baby through the placenta. Lastly, cocaine causes neonatal abstinence syndrome whereby a baby is born addicted to cocaine and then goes through withdrawal symptoms.  Effects of cocaine use on babies:   Marijuana use during pregnancy Marijuana use causes retarded growth while the baby is still under development before birth. Mothers who use marijuana regularly put the baby at risk of premature birth and slow growth (Volkow, 2017). Also, the baby indicates signs of unusual crying and response to visual stimuli. Marijuana also affects the earning ability of a child and are slow in emotional controls. It is therefore very crucial for pregnant mothers to avoid marijuana and any other drug entirely for the health safety of the child. Marijuana and baby vision:   References Volkow, N. D., Compton, W. M., & Wargo, E. M. (2017). The risks of marijuana use during pregnancy. Jama, 317(2), 129-130.  Forray, A. (2016). Substance use during pregnancy. F1000Research, 5. ...
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Report outline
Selection of resource center

Reason I believe it to be an appropriate referral for Mr. Potts specifically

what I believe Mr. Potts will get out of the referral to this resource

My goal for Mr. Potts in terms of referring Mr. Potts to this resource

Ranking each of the 3 resources to which you referred Mr. Potts, from most needed to
least needed.


Surname 1

To: Officer Rexford
From: Anquan Patterson
Date: 19/12/2018
Recommendation for community resources for Mr. Potts
As you have noted Mr. Potts together with the family are in need of the support from
community resources that are proximate to the locality. There are several community resources
which offer the counseling services but it will be prudence to select the specific ones that will
definitely help this family f...

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