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Please highlight the correct answers. The questions are attached. Unfortunately I am unable to verify the answers without submitting them. So please ensure they are correct. As soon as I get a wrong one, I will not proceed any further and request a refund. This is because I only get 1 chance on the questions.

1. Preparing Business Proposals What does a firm prepare when it knows exactly what type of product or service it wants? An RFP (Request for Proposal) An unsolicited proposal A feasibility report Read the scenario, and answer the question. Your family owns a small construction company, CopperBuild, that builds custom homes for an upscale architectural firm. Your two cousins recently joined the family business, and CopperBuild has decided to expand into the commercial building market. Your uncle and cousins are preparing a proposal bid for a small shopping center on the west side of town. What should you remind your cousins about as they prepare the proposal bid? Check all that apply. Emphasize the benefits to the recipient. Do not emphasize your qualifications. Provide only mechanical descriptions and details. Detail your expertise and accomplishments. What section of a proposal identifies the key issues and discusses the goals of the project? Background, problem, and purpose Staffing Authorization request How do informal proposals often close? With staff bios With an authorization request With a response e-mail Final reports represent the end product of a thorough investigation and analysis. They provide an ordered format for presenting information to decision makers and are divided into segments to make information comprehensible and accessible. Formal reports usually consist of three divisions. What is the page range for formal proposals? 50 to 100 pages 3 to 75 pages 5 to 200 pages Read the scenario, and then answer the question. The American Cancer Society has issued an RFP to fund preventive health initiatives in your community. Your organization is planning to submit a proposal. Which type of proposal is most appropriate in this situation? Informal Formal 2. Preparing Formal Business Reports What is the first step in formal report writing? Research and analyze data sources Create an outline Determine the purpose and scope of the report Which of the following phrases might be useful in writing the purpose statement for your formal report? Check all that apply. This report investigates We analyze We evaluate This report justifies After collecting and analyzing your data, you will need to organize it. Choose an organizational strategy, and then outline your report. What two questions should you ask yourself as you begin organizing your report? Where should I place the conclusions/recommendations? How should I organize the findings? Why am I writing this report? What is my purpose statement? How should I format my findings? Who will read this report? What section of a proposal discusses how you will solve the problem? Proposal, plan, and schedule Budget Background, problem, and purpose Why is it important to include an accurate, well-researched budget with your proposal? A proposal is a legal contract A well-researched budget requires less pagination The writer will demonstrate expertise 3. Preparing Formal Business Reports (Part II) Gather secondary data by reading what others have experienced and observed. You should begin nearly every research project by researching secondary sources to gather information that has already been written about your topic. What kind of data can books provide? Electronic indexes In-depth historical data Up-to-date information When you are conducting research online, how can you be sure the source is credible? Check all that apply. Check all that apply. Look for positive reviews and posts Determine the initial problem statement the source was trying to prove Scrutinize who authored and published it Look for authentication Determine which independent sources evaluated the information What types of research can blogs, wikis, and online sources be used for? Only informal research None Secondary and primary research You can gather primary data from firsthand experience by using surveys, interviews, observation, or experimentation. You will need primary data to provide a complete picture. Familiarize yourself with methods for generating and using primary data, and decide what you will do to avoid researcher bias. Read each scenario, and answer the question that follows it. After gathering data on the effectiveness of company meetings, you decide to conduct a survey to obtain measurable qualitative and quantitative feedback. You will mail a survey to several companies. What are some disadvantages to using this type of data collection? Check all that apply. Respondents may not represent an accurate population sample. Respondents may exaggerate or distort facts. Respondents’ return rate may be too high to manage. Respondents do not have enough time to consider their answers. Response rates may be low. You are asked to write a report on a topic for which little or no information is available. You decide to conduct interviews with several experts or veterans in the field. What should you do to elicit the most useful data in your interviews? Make your questions objective and friendly. Ask leading and ambiguous questions in a friendly manner. Ask primarily yes-or-no questions. Maria is writing a report for her company on interaction and communication between employees and customers. She decides to observe the company’s telemarketers as they sell a new line of tires. She is hoping to acquire qualitative examples that will enrich the data she has already gathered. She sits and watches the telemarketers for an hour and then leaves. What could she have done to make her observations more complete and accurate? She could have listened carefully but avoided taking notes. She could have taken notes on events, actions, and settings. She could have instructed the telemarketers on how to respond to calls. 4. Documenting Information Good research habits are critical to generating accurate, well-documented reports. Which of the following is a purpose for documentation of report data? Check all that apply. To enable readers to make use of the information themselves. To use others’ ideas without giving credit to your sources. To save time. To prevent readers from pursuing a topic further. Read the scenario, and answer the question. Your coworker, Alyssa, has asked you to proofread her use of quotations in her formal report. Select the correct quotation mark placement. “The HP Officejet 6310 acts as a copier, photo management system, and scanner,” Henry Willard, head marketing director for HP, said. “The HP Officejet 6310 acts as a copier, photo management system, and scanner, Henry Willard, head marketing director for HP, said.” “The HP Officejet 6310 acts as a copier, photo management system, and scanner, Henry Willard,” head marketing director for HP, said. 5. Incorporating Meaningful Visual Aids and Graphics Use graphics in your report to help clarify data, create visual interest, and make numerical data meaningful. However, be sure to choose the right graphics to accomplish your objectives. Review your objectives, identify the purpose for each graphic, and then make an informed decision. Use the table to answer the following question. Year [1] Landscape Design [2] Graphic Design [3] [4] Textile Design [5] 2003 $2.80 $1.50 $3.40 $1.00 2004 $3.00 $1.60 $4.00 $2.00 2002 $2.00 $1.90 $3.90 $1.25 2001 $1.50 $1.20 $1.60 $3.00 [6] Figure 2: Design Goods Company Four-Year Revenue (in millions of dollars) What is the error in the title and label of the table (section [6])? The title should be located at the top of the table. The title should be on a separate page. There is no error in this section. Use the bar chart to answer the following questions. Identify one of the errors in the bar chart. The numeric total in each bar should be omitted and included in a separate table. The numeric total in each bar should appear in a separate column. The numeric totals should be placed at the bottom or middle of each bar. What would you use to show how the chain of command has changed after the promotion of three executives? An organizational chart A line chart A bar chart Read the scenario, and answer the question. You need to show how many sales representatives are located in each county in the states of Maine and New Hampshire. What should you use to illustrate the data? A flowchart A line chart Maps Read the scenario, and answer the question. Crystal is writing a report on office lighting and work productivity. She uses a bar chart to depict the increase in work productivity after softer lighting was installed. However, she places the chart two pages after the point where it is mentioned. What advice should you give her? Place the graphic close to the point where it is mentioned. Place the graphic in a separate report. Place the graphic at the end of the report. Use the line chart to answer the following questions. Identify the feature of the line chart that shows effective formatting. The chart arranges the time component horizontally across the top and the other variables vertically. The chart arranges the time component horizontally across the bottom and the other variables vertically. The chart arranges the time component on the left-hand side and the other variables vertically. If the previous chart measures CaliMart’s revenues in millions of dollars, how much money did CaliMart make in 2005? $26 million $14 million $18 million 6. Understanding Formal Report Components What should an effective letter of transmittal include? Competitors’ names and prices A copy of the request for proposal Major findings, conclusions, and recommendations of the proposal Which of the following components contains a list of each figure or table title and its page number? Table of contents Appendix List of figures Which division of a final report contains the introduction, discussion of findings, summary, conclusions, and recommendations? Front matter Supplementary Body Read the scenario, and answer the question. Your coworker has just finished preparing a formal report for his manager. You notice that he has used several different fonts and some clip art on the cover page. What advice can you give him? Keep the cover page simple and professional. Use more colors. Consider using photos instead of clip art. Identify the element of a report’s introduction that is described. This section orients readers by previewing the structure of the report. Key terms Sources and methods Organization This section clarifies the boundaries of the report, defining what will be included and excluded. Problem or purpose Definitions of key terms Scope 7. Grammar/Mechanics Checkup 10: Apostrophes Apostrophes, parentheses, dashes, and question marks may not seem important in your writing. However, these small details can change the meaning of your message and, if used incorrectly, can confuse your reader. Familiarize yourself with these punctuation marks, and understand how to use them to enhance your writing. Make the following phrase possessive by choosing the noun with the correct apostrophe placement. How would you make a singular coworker possessive? Coworkers paycheck Coworker’s paycheck Coworkers’ paycheck How would you make the following phrase possessive if only one boss makes a decision? Bosses decision Boss’ decision Boss’s decision Choose the correctly punctuated sentence. His’ being late for meetings upset the team. Him being late for meetings upset the team. His being late for meetings upset the team. Will you please send the letter Will you please send the letter. Will you please send the letter? You work for the new branch, don’t you? You work for the new branch,? don’t you. You work for the new branch, don’t you. The vice-president of sales—a new addition to the team—surpassed his sales quota despite the doubts of his colleagues. The vice-president of sales despite his doubting colleagues-surpassed his sales quota. The vice-president of sales despite his doubting colleagues surpassed his sales quota. The manager said that “she will assign me new projects in the future.” The manager said that she will assign me new projects in the future. The manager “said that she will assign me new projects in the future.” Would you please send me the confidential folder? Would you please send me the confidential folder. Choose the correct punctuation for this sentence. How would you make the following phrase possessive if there is more than one month? Months pay Months’ pay Month’s pay 1. Developing Professionalism and Business Etiquette Skills at the Office and Online Business professionals value workplace relationships and professional behavior; therefore, it is vital to understand the characteristics recruiters seek as you enter the workforce. Which of the following are synonyms for professional behavior? Check all that apply. Protocol Polish Soft skills Social intelligence Friendliness There is little or no distinction between professional ethics and professional etiquette. Read the following scenario, and answer the question. You work for AdSmart, a marketing research firm. You and a new coworker are meeting a potential client for lunch. You have several morning meetings on the same day as the lunch meeting, so you arrange to meet your coworker and the potential client at 12:15 p.m. at the restaurant. You arrive five minutes early, and the prospective client arrives shortly thereafter. You both wait in the lobby until 12:35 p.m. when you decide to be seated. You check your BlackBerry and see no received communications from your colleague. Finally, at 12:45 p.m., your coworker arrives. During the lunch, your coworker tells several white lies and reveals information regarding your boss that should have been kept confidential. The prospective client doesn’t seem to notice these indiscretions; however, when your coworker begins to badmouth his former employer, a competitor of AdSmart, the client appears ill at ease. Despite the rough start to the lunch meeting, all ends well. You believe that with the appropriate follow-up, the potential client will become one of the firm’s more lucrative partnerships. Once you are back at the office, you debrief with your coworker and discuss the next steps. You decide to take on the task of putting together the proposal the client has requested, and your colleague agrees to send a follow-up note thanking the client and indicating that the proposal will arrive within the next week. When you send off the proposal three days later, you inadvertently learn from the client that he never received any correspondence from your coworker. What dimension of professional behavior did your coworker violate by failing to send a follow-up note? Reliability and responsibility Courtesy and respect Honesty and ethics Read the scenario, and answer the question. You are in a meeting with your work group. Linda, one of your teammates, begins to repeat the same idea she always promotes. You want to tell her it is the worst idea you’ve ever heard—especially since it hasn’t evolved at all in the last month. What should you do? Listen carefully, and then provide fair but gentle feedback. Raise your hand, and remind Linda that the team has already heard her idea. Ignore Linda’s suggestion, and return to the topic you were previously discussing. Which of the following is an outcome of incivility at the workplace? Check all that apply. Increased performance levels Better health Improved thinking skills Higher turnover Feelings of lack of respect Which of the following are aspects of reliability and diligence? Check all that apply. Dependability Consistent performance Fair treatment of others Giving criticism graciously Honoring commitments Keeping promises Sincerity 2. Communicating Face-to-Face on the Job Face-to-face communication skills are important for career success and organizational effectiveness. Therefore, it is important to understand interpersonal speaking techniques. Which of the following are etiquette guidelines that promote positive workplace conversations? Check all that apply. Listen to learn Act professionally in social situations Choose appropriate conversational topics Critique others when you feel it is appropriate Avoid discussions of art and culture Read the scenario, and answer the questions. You work as a salesperson for Spectrum Color, a chemical manufacturer. Your customers are photographers who use Spectrum’s products to create professional images for publication. They are usually a friendly clientele. Today, however, Jesse Adamson is upset. Your first call of the day is from Jesse. He tells you that he has a tight deadline for a National Geographic layout, but the color chemicals he ordered two weeks ago still haven’t arrived. He complains that his professional reputation is at stake, not to mention his paycheck. He points out that he has never had these problems before, and he tells you that you should consider a new job. What is the information your customer is trying to deliver? He urgently needs his chemical order. He is an important photographer. He is having financial problems. What can you do to respond effectively to criticism from your boss? Ask for more information if necessary. Continue entering data while he speaks. Criticize your own work. Read the scenario, and answer the questions. You are a project manager for a specialty sports equipment manufacturer. A critical member of your design team, Gwen, has been unprofessional and rude to her coworkers, and she has missed two deadlines. You need to address the problem before it gets out of hand and you fall behind schedule. What channel would be most effective for offering Gwen constructive criticism? E-mail Face-to-face communication A formal letter or interoffice memo 3. Following Professional Telephone and Voice Mail Etiquette Despite heavy reliance on e-mail, most businesses still use the telephone as their primary contact with the outside world. Be sure to understand professional expectations for telephone, cell phone, and voice mail etiquette. Identify the telephone etiquette that will make your telephone calls productive. Check all that apply. Be professional and courteous. Be cheerful and accurate. Leave complete voice mail messages. Plan a mini-agenda. Be brisk when rushed. Read the scenario, and answer the question. You have limited time and have to call a client who tends to ramble on the phone. What can you do? End the call politely. Ask how the person is doing. Listen and take notes. Which practice demonstrates courteous and responsible cell phone use? Speak in low conversational tones. Speak loudly so others can hear you. Choose a funky and distracting ring tone. Consider the team described in the following situation, and answer the question. You work for Kolb Aircraft Company. Kolb builds ultralight and experimental airplanes for flying enthusiasts. As a quality assurance manager, you’ve been invited to join a team that studies Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety regulations and applies them to the experimental airplanes Kolb sells. At the team’s first meeting, you are asked to prepare a summary report of FAA safety standards. Now, at your second team meeting, you deliver your report to the group. After the presentation, several group members begin discussing the company barbecue they attended last Friday. Which team behavior does this situation describe? Wasting the group’s time Contributing information and ideas Encouraging members to participate 5. Planning and Participating in Face-to-Face and Virtual Meetings As businesses become more team oriented and management becomes more participatory, meetings are becoming an important tool for solving problems, sharing information, and seeking consensus. Read the following scenario, and answer the questions that follow. The Edwards Construction Supply Company is adopting a just-in-time inventory system. Jim Edwards, the president, has decided that restocking only when the inventory falls below a specific level will save the company thousands of dollars. Many of Edwards’ employees have been with the company for 30 years or more, and change like this might be unsettling for them. Edwards knows that his employees will be more comfortable with the system if their supervisors understand it fully. What purpose will this meeting serve? Intensive problem solving Motivation Information review and presentation Problem identification In this situation, how many people should be invited to attend the meeting? 30 or fewer 5 or fewer 10 or fewer All employees Who should be invited to attend this meeting? Warehouse employees Upper and lower management All employees Active participation in meetings helps you showcase your talents and advance your career. In the following situation, consider how Brian appears to his colleagues. The new intern was clearly nervous while delivering the sales figures at the quarterly sales meeting. Brian interrupted the intern several times, asking loudly, “Who was in charge of that project? What about the new product line?” By the end of the meeting, everyone was confused, including the intern. What could Brian do to make the next meeting more effective and productive? State concerns clearly Offer new agenda items during the meeting Wait for others to finish What techniques would be effective in getting meetings started and keeping them focused? Check all that apply. Start meetings promptly. State the goals and length of the meeting at the start. Ignore conflict so that it will blow over. Set ground rules to be followed. Well-run virtual teams can be highly productive and even outperform co-located teams. Which of the following will help ensure that interaction with remote members will have the best results during virtual meetings? Check all that apply. Humanize virtual meetings Assume everyone will work on the same time zone and respond as much Interrupt when the meeting is going off track Ensure it is clear who is speaking during an audioconference Encourage participants to log in 15 minutes early Three of the managers Jake, Jessica, and Tyree drafted a letter of complaint regarding the new overtime policy. Three of the managers “Jake, Jessica, and Tyree” drafted a letter of complaint regarding the new overtime policy. Three of the managers—Jake, Jessica, and Tyree—drafted a letter of complaint regarding the new overtime policy. Tess’ revisions to the report increased it’s readability significantly. Tesss’ revisions to the report increased its readability significantly. Tess’es revisions to the report increased it’s readability significantly. Tess’ revisions to the report increased its readability significantly. Choose the best option to answer the question. For what purpose do you use colons? To introduce a formal business message; to separate the hour from the minutes in time notations; to join two independent clauses when you want to emphasize, define, amplify, or illustrate the first clause; or to introduce a list, quote, or idea directly following an independent clause To introduce a formal business message; to separate the hour from the minutes in time notations; to join two independent clauses when they are joined by an independent marker followed by a comma; to emphasize a list; or to introduce all quotes To introduce a list, quote, or idea directly following an independent clause; to introduce e-mail messages; to separate the hour from the minutes in time notations; or to join one independent clause and one dependent clause What is true when a noun precedes a gerund (a verb form ending in -ing that is used as a noun)? You should use possessive pronouns or add an apostrophe and the letter s (that is, ’s) to the noun to indicate ownership. You should place a comma before the noun to avoid creating a run-on sentence. Both function as adjectives. Choose the correct punctuation to complete the following sentence. Following a long-running tradition, the entire company cheers on co-ed, intramural lacrosse team each Saturday in January. Which sentences use correct punctuation? Check all that apply. She dreaded April: tax season. Three company laptops are currently unaccounted for; and will be reported stolen. He said: “Take notes at the meeting.” Please enroll Mr. Gallegos in the PPO benefits group.

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