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Revise essay based off instructor comnents
Running head: MEDIA INFLUENCE REDUCTION Reduction for Social Media Influence Student’s name Institution Date 1 MEDIA INFLUENCE REDUCTION 2 Introduction Media contains everything like TVs, instagram, you tubes, magazines and bloggers post. Media is like food it is everywhere and life have become difficult without it. It is good but not very much healthy to people’s souls. Social interaction navigation is very important to both parents and teens. In the youth stage being involved in the social media talking and experiences can help them reduce the negative effects that are mostly brought about by loneliness like mental health issues and the well-being for them. A survey that was conducted in Australia revealed that more than a half of the adults living in the country use social media networks and three out of four young people use social media. Young people are found to use an average of four hour daily of their time on social media by the use of their smartphones. Thesis; most of the people who are connected to social media both adults and the youth claims that it brings around positive effects to them. This is because most of them use the network to connect to their family, friends and to entertain themselves. This discussion will show the impacts that are associated with the increased use of social media network both the positive and the negative effect. It will also discuss the ways in which the influence to social media can be reduced. Social media can have negative effects in the self-esteem of most of the youths. Out of three young people two feels frustrated and feel the pressure to look good and most people have been bullied online. Fifty percent of those people who regularly use social media look at the updates before they retire to their beds. 15 percent of teenager is found to be approached by unknown people online ( Du, Bhattacharya, & Sen, 2010, pp. 8-19) MEDIA INFLUENCE REDUCTION 3 The media has positive effects in that it keep people updated on what is happening around them in short people are mostly updated through social media. ( Flew2007) It is a source of entertainment because YouTube instagram and Facebook is composed of interesting things. People can view shows of their favorite artists from there. It is also a source of stress relieving where you can watch interesting programmes. Parents can help their teen in engaging in the online world. They should navigate the world of social media together so that they can get a clear picture of what it is contained in it and what the children encounter in the media world. (Heaney, & Israel, 2008 pp. 189-210) They should visit their children’s media sites and see what they post, their favorite subscription and what they mostly watch on media. They should be keen on the cyber bully that occurs to most teens. They should have discussion with their teen children about the internet several times so that when a teen experience online bully could be easier for you to know. Ways in which media effects can be reduced in our lives; the first one is to choose the kind of media you want to use with wisdom. First of all one should be in a position to realize the type of social media that leaves him or her overwhelmed, depressed, anxious or helpless. So when you get a site that frustrates your feeling leave the site and be encouraged to use the one that motivates, educated and entertains you. The second one is to know what you value the most. Media comes up with opinions which may be mixed with facts other sites may come with some attempts for one to give out money so knowing what you value will help you avoid such sites. The third way to reduce the effect of social media is to chew on it. When you decide to consume media doesn’t forget to make a point of processing it in your in self. Share what you encounter from the social media with others; check what you read and what you view well to know whether it is true or false. Processing what you view and read gives back your authority. Connect MEDIA INFLUENCE REDUCTION 4 meaningfully with other people. Some messages that are read from the social media can totally blast someone like for example if one reads a message like “The world is the worst place to be” talk about such things in public even with people that you don’t know. Approach them with a smile to reach out their hearts this will definitely make the world the best place to be. Make peace by knowing that the only thing that you can change is the one that surrounds and concerns you (Kempe, Kleinberg,& Tardos, 2003, pp. 137-149) Through simplifying the internet consumption one can be in a position to find other interesting hobbies rather than dwelling on social media. One is filled with joy because you experience less stress, anxiety and you become more comfortable and peaceful. The less use of social media can also create more connection with other people helping people become more social beings. By using social media less one becomes more relaxed with no stress and you reduce the burdens of debts that are associated with the money you use to access social media (Lampe, Ellison, & Steinfield, (2007) Media is beneficial to us but when we control how we consume huge benefits are found. In conclusion we can therefore state that social media can be composed of three groups it can be satisfying, it can be fun, and it can be toxic or harmful to human beings at all ages. By satisfying it means that it makes people feel informed and empowered by the information that they get from it. Secondly social media can be fun; by this it means that it contains a lot of entertain programmes. This kind of entertainment keeps you hooked up and the need to go back to it more and more. By being toxic it means that it brings damages to the wellbeing of people and it takes time before realizing this. This media category is based on manipulation, fear and mostly makes people feel helpless MEDIA INFLUENCE REDUCTION 5 References Du, S., Bhattacharya, C. B., & Sen, S. (2010). Maximizing business returns to corporate social responsibility (CSR): The role of CSR communication. International journal of management reviews, 12(1), 8-19. Flew, T. (2007). New media: An introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press Heaney, C. A., & Israel, B. A. (2008). Social networks and social support. Health behavior and health education: Theory, research, and practice, 4, 189-210 Kempe, D., Kleinberg, J., & Tardos, É. (2003, August). Maximizing the spread of influence through a social network. In Proceedings of the ninth ACM SIGKDD international conference on Knowledge discovery and data mining (pp. 137-146). ACM.and bitter. Lampe, C. A., Ellison, N., & Steinfield, C. (2007, April). A familiar face (book): profile elements as signals in an online social network. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems (pp. 435-444). ACM. MEDIA INFLUENCE REDUCTION 6

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Reduction for Social Media Influence
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It is very important for teens, youths and parents to be aware of how to navigate the
social media. Using social media has both negative and positive impacts to the youth. Negative
social media influence can be reduced by talking regarding online experiences along with being
educated. Social media influence can be reduced by turning off your Wi-Fi and doing something
different like reading a book or listening to music a couple of hours before sleeping. This will
help in relaxing other than stalking friends on social media accounts. Another way to reduce
social media influence is by deleting the apps .this will really reduce worrying of relationship
with the friends. Sending a message to friends and getting feedback is very important and one is
able to know their true friends. Keeping your data turned off when you are not using is another
way of reducing social media influence for instance when walking alone through the streets, it
help in being attentive to passers-by and observing the beauty of environment.
Reducing social media influence
In the youth stage being involved in the social media talking and experiences can help
them reduce the negative effects that are mostly br...

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Tutor went the extra mile to help me with this essay. Citations were a bit shaky but I appreciated how well he handled APA styles and how ok he was to change them even though I didnt specify. Got a B+ which is believable and acceptable.

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